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1. H7N9 Avian Flu Prevention General Knowledge: 1. Illness symptoms are typical of viral pneumonia, with rapid onset, with early stages being high fever (38 degrees or above), coughing and other respiratory tract infection symptoms. 5-7 days after onset of the illness, breathing becomes difficult. 2. Thoroughly cook chicken meat and do not eat half-cooked chicken eggs. 3. Guangdong’s Center for Disease Control has said oseltamivir can be used for early stage treatment. 4. Avoid contact with live poultry and pigs, etc. 5. The virus can be destroyed after 1 minute in 100℃ temperatures. (Compiled according to public information)H7N9禽流感防治常识:1.病情表现为典型的病毒性肺炎,起病急,病程早期有高热(38度以上),咳嗽等呼吸道感染症状。起病5-7天出现呼吸困难。2对鸡肉等彻底煮熟,不要吃半生不熟鸡蛋。3.广东疾控中心称可用达菲做早期治疗4.尽量不接触活禽鸟和猪等。5.病毒在100℃中一分钟可被消灭。(据公开资料整理)2. After listening to the Shanghai H7N9 press conference, I have a few pieces of advice: 1. If you can help it, avoid eating pork and chicken. 2. Avoid eating out as much as possible, because the source of the poultry is uncertain. 3. If you come down with the flu, don’t go to the hospital in a panic, first observe for some time, as a hospital’s environment is sealed, and there’s a possibility of overlapping infection. 4. Do more exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables, to strengthen your immune system. 5. Be vigilant, paying attention at all times to information from Chinese authorities, Hong Kong media, and the World Health Organization.听完上海H7N9发布会之后的几点忠告:1.没事少吃猪肉和鸡肉,2.尽量不要在外边吃,因为家禽来路不明,3.如果患了流感,尽量不要急着去医院,先观察一段时间,医院环境密闭,不排除交叉感染可能,4.多运动多吃水果蔬菜,增强抵抗力。5.高度警惕,随时关注中国官方、港媒和世卫组织信息。3. From this point on, everyone must eat fully-cooked food, eggs too cannot be eaten too soft, the H7N9 virus cannot survive being heated at 65℃for 30 minutes and at 100℃for two minutes. You must not allow yourself to get sick, be sure to stay warm, don’t hang around places with poultry, and for now don’t eat any poultry products. Remember to also diligently wash your hands, and not give the virus the chance to enter your body. Everyone take care of your health!从现在开始一定要吃煮熟的东西,鸡蛋也不能吃嫩的呢!H7N9病毒在65℃高温下加热30分钟和100℃高温下加热2分钟就不能存活了。一定不要让自己生病,注意保暖,接触家禽,不要吃家禽类食物。勤洗手,不要给病毒入侵机会。大家注意身体! /201304/234952Gentlemen no longer prefer blondes - with most believing brunettes make better wives and girlfriends, research has revealed.研究揭示,男士已不再青睐金发美女了,大部分男人认为深色头发的女人更适合当老婆和女朋友。A study found that men see women with dark hair as ;deeper; and ;more sensible; than their blonde counterparts.一项研究发现,男人认为深色头发的女人比金发女人“更有深度”、“更明智”。It also emerged that men think brunettes take better care of their appearance, make better cooks and are more proficient at keeping the house clean.研究还发现,男人认为深发女子更懂得打理自己的仪表,更精于烹饪,也更擅长保持家里整洁。Other ;wife-like; attributes men think brunettes are likely to possess include being more experimental in the bedroom and being better with money.男人认为深发女子倾向于拥有的“适合做老婆的”其他特质包括更愿意尝试新的做爱方式,也更善于理财。;Men obviously have their opinions about the colour of women#39;s hair,; said a spokesperson for Superdrug, who conducted the research.开展这一研究的药妆店Superdrug的发言人说:“显然男人对于女人的头发颜色有他们自己的看法。”;But our sales tell us that when it comes to hair dye women are more likely to change their shade when they see a celebrity switch shade than any other reason.“但我们的销售情况告诉我们,在选择染发剂时,女人最可能因为看到名人改变发色而去染自己的头发。;This research turns our hair stereotypes on their heads.;“这一研究结果颠覆了人们对头发的固有观念。”The study of 1,000 men showed 54 percent would choose a brunette to be their wife, 16 percent would opt for a lady with fair hair, while 30 percent don#39;t have a preference.这项调查了1000名男性的研究显示,54%的男人会选择深发女子做自己的老婆,16%会选择金发女子做老婆,30%的男人对头发颜色没有特别的偏好。And when it comes to getting a girlfriend, 48 percent chose girls with brown hair, one in four chose blonde and 27 percent said neither.在选择女朋友时,48%的男人选择棕色头发的女子,四分之一的男人选择金发女子,27%的男人表示他们两种都不会选。 /201303/232294Signs of a global economic recovery are glimmering, but are they enough to justify taking a major vacation?尽管全球经济隐约出现复苏的迹象,但是不是单凭这点就足够让我们来休个长假了呢?Well, the world is always bigger than our wallets are deep. One of the simplest options is to find a place that has a lot to offer but hasn’t yet been hit by the price inflation that comes with mass popularity.好吧!世界如此之大,我们的钱包永远都不够用。最简单的就是找一个乐趣多多但尚未沦陷成人山人海以及贵得离谱的旅行圣地。To help travelers in search of value, we’ve assembled, with the help of professionals from USA Today, CNN and Lonely Planet, a list of destinations that are worth going to while they’re still cheap.为帮助驴友们发掘超值之旅,我们综合借鉴了《今日美国》、美国有线电视新闻网CNN以及《孤独星球》上的相关内容,为您盘点出一系列超值旅行目的地。Mexico墨西哥Advance bookings to Mexico are at their strongest in 15 years, according to Catherine Banks, vice-president of Legacy Travel, a travel agency in the US. “Cost structure is different than most other places, ” Banks told CNN earlier this year, meaning Mexico is inherently cheap. Combine that with the negative publicity of drug-related violence and a weak world economy that is starving Mexico of its traveling business, and this country is y to make a deal.美国Legacy Travel旅行社副总裁凯瑟琳班克斯表示,前往墨西哥的机票预订量创15年来最高值。“墨西哥之旅的费用结构与其他许多地方不同,”班克斯今年年初在接受CNN采访时表示,这就意味着墨西哥之旅本身就比较便宜。由于毒品暴力的负面影响以及全球经济低迷不振,墨西哥的旅游业倍受打击,而现在这个国家已经准备好大打“旅行牌”了。“In Cancun and Riviera Maya, there are more five-star resorts than the Caribbean and Hawaii combined, ” Banks added. “And the price isn’t even close to the same.” They’re all sitting empty and waiting for guests.“坎昆和玛雅河的五星级度假酒店比加勒比海地区和夏威夷加起来还要多,”班克斯补充道。“而价格却是天壤之别。大量的空房等待客人的光临。”Currency condition: The Mexican peso has been weak and inflation low in recent months, according to Forex.com. Its ratio to the Chinese yuan is now 1:0.5.当地货币情况:据嘉盛外汇消息称,最近几月,墨西哥比索疲软且通胀率低,与人民币当前汇率为1:0.5。 /201306/244209

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