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三门峡哪家医院治疗不孕好卢氏县公疗医院不孕不育多少钱The North Korean leader has said the country now has a hydrogen bomb, according to the N. Korean central news agency, and is capable of using it along with nuclear warheads to defend its sovereignty.据朝鲜中央通讯社报道,朝鲜国家领导人金正恩宣布该国已有氢弹,并准备好利用它和原子弹来维护国家主权。We managed to become a great nuclear power capable of defending the independence and national dignity of our homeland by mighty nuclear and hydrogen strikes, N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un was cited by the Korean central news agency as saying. He also said North Korea ;has to continue with actively developing its military industry.;朝中社援引金正恩的话:“我国已经能够成为一个准备好使用强大的原子弹和氢弹来坚决维护主权和国家尊严的核强囀?”他还说朝鲜;将继续积极发展军事工;。The statement came as Kim Jong Un was on a tour inspecting an upgraded arms plant in Pyongyang on Thursday, according to TASS ing the N. Korean central news agency.这个陈述是金正恩周四在平壤参观一处升级的武器基地时所讲,据俄罗斯塔斯通讯社引用朝中社的报道。So far it has not been confirmed that the country has in fact designed and created a hydrogen bomb.目前为止还不能确认朝鲜确实设计和制造了氢弹。However, the South Korean intelligence community and experts say North Korea is unlikely to have enough scientific know-how to design an H-bomb.然而,韩国的情报体系以及一些专家认为朝鲜不可能掌握足够的设计氢弹的专业知识;We dont have any information that North Korea has developed an H-bomb,; an intelligence official from South Koreas National Intelligence Service (NIS) told Yonhap news agency. ;We do not believe that North Korea, which has not succeeded in miniaturizing nuclear bombs, has the technology to produce an H-bomb.;韩国国家情报院(NIS)的一名情报官告诉韩国联合通讯社,“我们没有收到任何朝鲜已经制造出氢弹的消息。”“我们不相信朝鲜已经成功研制出小型核弹,不相信他拥有制造氢弹的科技。;Its hard to regard North Korea as possessing an H-bomb. I think it seems to be developing it,; research fellow at Seoul-based Science and Technology Policy Institute Lee Chun-geun was ed as saying by Yonhap.韩国联合通讯社援引科学技术协会首尔总部的研究人员李淳槿所述,“朝鲜研制出了氢弹是难以置信的,我认为他们应该还在研究中。”On February 10, 2005 N. Korea declared it had created nuclear weapons. The announcement was widely condemned by the international community. The country has since conducted underground nuclear tests three times, in 2006, and 2013.20050日,朝鲜宣称已制造出核武器,这个消息引起了国际社会的广泛抗议。自那时起的2006年009年和2013年,平壤进行了三次地下核试验,The three nuclear tests are said to be critical for N. Koreas strategic arms program. The first known underground nuclear test was conducted in 2006 at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site in the northeast of the country. It was recorded by seismic stations in Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. According to rough estimates, a nuclear device of 5 to 10 kilotons of TNT was exploded.这三次核试验对朝鲜的战略武器计划是至关重要的。第一个已知的地下核试验是2006在该国东北部丰溪里核试验基地进行。俄罗斯,中国,日本,韩国和澳大利亚地震台站都监测记录了本次试验。据粗略估计,此核弹爆炸的威力约50千吨TNT当量。The second and third tests were conducted in May and January 2013 respectively, causing international condemnation and unilateral sanctions by the US for violating the non-proliferation regime. The estimated power of the devices tested was 10 to 20 kilotons of TNT each.第二次和第三次试验分别是009月和2013月进行,引起了国际社会的一致谴责,还因违反不扩散制度受到了美国单方面的制裁。估计每一次的核弹威力都在100千吨TNT当量。In 2013, the UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions against North Korea for its latest nuclear test, which came hours after Pyongyang threatened a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the US and South Korea in March 2013. The sanctions involve penalties on the countrys banking, travel and trade.2013年年3月,在平壤威胁将对美国和韩国进行先发制人的核打击数小时后,联合国安理会一致同意对朝鲜最新一次的核试验采取制裁。制裁措施包括对该国的业、旅游业和贸易的惩罚。A hydrogen bomb is a nuclear weapon of mass destruction that uses energy from a primary nuclear blast to ignite a secondary nuclear fusion, and is by far the most powerful weapon on earth. The first country to build an H-bomb was the Soviet Union, whose AN602 hydrogen bomb (often referred to as the “Tzar Bomb was tested in 1961.氢弹是一种大规模杀伤性的核武器,利用一次核爆炸的能量来点燃二次核聚变,是迄今为止地球上最强大的武器。第一个制造氢弹的国家是苏联,其AN602氢弹(通常称为“沙皇炸弹”)961年引爆。来 /201512/415361三门峡包皮长手术多少钱 If I were a woman I will fall in love with his excellency: Thai general admits man crush on Chinas foreign minister Wang Yi;如果我是个女人,我会爱上;泰国外交部长这样评价中国外交部长王毅。As relations with western nations cool, Thailands generals have visibly cosied up to China since seizing power in a coup last year.随着与西方国家关系冷淡下来,从去年起泰国部长在政变中把握实权以来就明显加紧拉近和中国的关系。But one Thai general appears to be especially enamoured.但是有一个泰国部长表现的特别迷恋中国。At a joint press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, Foreign Minister General Tanasak Patimapragorn made a surprise declaration while standing on a podium with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.上周三,在吉隆坡联合新闻发布会上,面对在台上站着的中国外交部长王毅,外交部长Tanasak Patimapragorn 出奇般地向王;表白;;If I were a woman I will fall in love with his excellency,; he told reporters in English, much to the surprise of Chinas top foreign envoy who appeared somewhat unsure how to respond.;如果我是个女人,我会爱上他,;泰国外交部长用英语告诉记者,王毅听到当时就震惊了,一时不知该如何回答。The foreign ministers are currently attending a regional security meeting in Malaysia hosted by the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).外交部长目前正在参加一个由东南亚国家联盟(东盟)主办的马来西亚地区安全会议(东盟)。General Tanasak, a close confidant of coup leader and now Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Cha, made his remarks in response to a reporters question on Thailands diplomatic relations with China.部长Tanasak,亲信政变领导人、现任总理prayut chan-o-cha,应对泰国的外交关系与中国记者的问题发表讲话;At this moment we believe this is the best time for our relationship. Especially for my personal contact with minister Wang Yi who is a very nice and polite person,; he said.;此时此刻,我们相信这是我们两国关系发展的最佳时刻。尤其是通过我和外交部长王毅的私自交谈,王毅部长非常友好和善;It was then that he made his surprise declaration of love.就在此时,他出奇地表白了对部长的爱意。While Thailand boasts extensive cultural, ethnic and demographic links to China, its relationship has not always been so easy.虽然泰国拥有广的文化,与中国有紧密的民族和人口联系,但两国关系的发展实属不易。Throughout much of the Cold War the kingdom was one of Washingtons strongest bulwarks against communism and it has traditionally remained a close regional ally of the ed States.冷战期间,联合王国是华盛顿对抗共产主义最强烈的堡垒之一,她一直和美国保持着亲密的盟友关系。But the latest coup, one of more than a dozen successful power grabs by the military since the end of absolute monarchy in 1932, has soured relations with the US.但是最近的政变,十几个成功主权国家之一夺取了军权,这是932年以来绝对君主制结束的第一次夺取,这使得和美国的关系进一步恶化。In contrast Beijing has been quick to embrace Bangkoks new military rulers, with a flurry of high-level meetings since the May 2014 coup.相比之下,自2014月政变的一系列会议之后,北京已经和曼谷最新军事统治者有了友好发展。Tanasak said Thailands relationship with China goes back more than 1,000 years.Tanasak 表示说泰国和中国的友好关系可以追溯到1000多年以前;Lets say we are so close, we are more than friends, just say we are cousins with a long history together,; he said.;所以可以说我们非常亲近,我们不止是朋友,我们是拥有很长历史的兄弟,;泰国部长说到;We dont talk diplomatic talk, we talks like personal, like family, like friend,or even lovers.; he added.;我们不用外交礼仪去交谈,我们像朋友,像家人甚至像恋人一样交谈;他说。来 /201508/392466三门峡妇科医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

三门峡看皮肤科哪个医院好French media report that the black box recorders found in the wreckage of a Russian passenger jet show that a bomb brought down the plane over Egypt last week, killing all 224 on board.法国媒体报道说,在残骸中找到的黑盒子显示,上星期在埃及上空坠毁的俄罗斯班机是被炸弹炸毁的。机24人全部遇难。France 2 television and the French news agency AFP cite sources close to the investigation.法国电视二台和法新社援引了熟悉调查的消息来源报道了这一消息。The AFP source says according to investigators, the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder show everything was normal aboard the Russian Metrojet. Then 24 minutes into the flight, ;suddenly there was nothing; with one of the boxes registering a loud sound and a ;violent, sudden end,; strongly indicating that a bomb went off.法新社的消息来源说,根据调查人员,飞行记录器和驾驶舱的录音机显示那架俄罗斯美捷班机上一切正常。但是起4分钟后,“突然什么都没有了”,而一个黑盒子录下了一声巨响,和“暴力而突然”的终结,这强有力地说明有一颗炸弹爆炸。U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have both said it is certainly possible the plane was bombed. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the bomb theory nothing but speculation.美国总统奥巴马和英国首相卡梅伦都提出很有可能这架飞机被炸弹炸毁,而俄罗斯总统普京一直称炸弹的说法不过是猜测。But Putin on Friday suspended all Russian commercial flights to Egypt, heeding the recommendation of his security chief Alexander Bortnikov ;until we have determined the true reasons; for the crash.但是普京星期五下令暂停所有飞往埃及的俄罗斯商用航班。之前俄罗斯联邦安全局局长尔特尼科夫建议在 “确定飞机失事的真正原因”之前停飞。Putin has also ordered the government to work out details of how to bring as many as 40,000 Russians vacationing in Sharm el-Sheikh back home.普京还下令政府就如何接回多达四万名正在沙姆沙伊赫度假的俄罗斯人做出细节安排。British tourists encountered long delays in leaving Sharm el-Sheikh Friday, with the British airline easyJet only making two flights to London and canceling seven others. No explanation was given, but the airline said Egyptian authorities blocked the additional flights.英国游客在星期五离开沙姆沙伊赫时等候很久,英国的易捷航空只有两个航班飞往伦敦,取消了另外7个。航空公司没有解释原因,但是表示是埃及当局阻止了其他航班。British authorities forced the 359 travelers who left Sharm el-Sheikh on the two flights to leave most of their luggage behind, except for carry-on bags, so thorough searches could be conducted before the luggage is out on separate planes.英国当局只允许乘坐这两架航班59名游客携带随身行李,剩下的大部分行李将经过仔细检查后被另外的飞机运走。Other European airlines have also suspended flights to the resort and urged travelers to be extra vigilant during all trips to Egypt.其他欧洲航空公司也停止了飞往这个度假胜地的航班,并敦促游客前往埃及时格外警惕。来 /201511/408764三门峡治疗前列腺炎要多少钱 Ben Bradlee, who presided over The Washington Posts exposure of the Watergate scandal that led to the fall of President Richard M. Nixon and that stamped him in American culture as the quintessential newspaper editor of his era gruff, charming and tenacious died on Tuesday. He was 93.在《华盛顿邮报The Washington Post)揭露水门事件期间担任主编的本·布拉德利(Ben Bradlee)于周二逝世,享3岁。水门事件不仅导致总统理查德·M·尼克Richard M. Nixon)下台,还奠定了布拉德利在美国文化中的地位——他是那个时代典型的报纸主编:作风粗犷、富有魅力、立场坚定。Mr. Bradlee died at home of natural causes, The Post reported.据邮报报道,布拉德利在家中自然死亡。With full backing from his publisher, Katharine Graham, Mr. Bradlee led The Post into the first rank of American newspapers, courting controversy and giving it standing as a thorn in the side of Washington officials.在出版人凯瑟琳·格雷厄Katharine Graham)的全力持下,布拉德利带领邮报跻身美国一流报刊的行列。该报不惧争议,令华府官员宛如芒刺在背。When government officials called to complain, Mr. Bradlee acted as a buffer between them and his staff. ;Just get it right,; he would tell his reporters. Most of the time they did, but there were mistakes, one so big that the paper had to return a Pulitzer Prize.当政府官员打电话过来抱怨时,布拉德利就会挡在他们与报社员工之间。“只要保事实准确,”他总是这样告诉记者。大多数时候,记者都能做到这一点,但有时也会犯错。有一次的错误非常严重,以至于邮报不得不归还了一个普利策奖项。Mr. Bradlee ;this last of the lion-king newspaper editors,; as Phil Bronstein, a former editor of The San Francisco Chronicle, described him could be classy or profane, an energetic figure with a boxers nose who almost invariably dressed in a white-collared, bold-striped Turnbull amp; Asser shirt, the sleeves rolled up.布拉德利——“最后一位狮子王般的报纸编辑”,《旧金山纪事报The San Francisco Chronicle)的前主编菲尔·布龙斯坦 (Phil Bronstein)这样描述他——可雅可俗,精力充沛,鼻梁扁平,几乎总是穿着一件白领粗条纹的滕阿Turnbull amp; Asser)衬衫,两只袖子卷起。When not prowling the newsroom like a restless coach, encouraging his handpicked reporters and editors, he sat behind a glass office wall that afforded him a view of them and they a view of him.他要么是像一个焦躁不安的教练那样在新闻编辑部里来回走动,鼓励自己精心挑选的记者和编辑,要么就会坐在办公室的玻璃墙后,让人们能看到他,他也能看到其他人;We would follow this man over any hill, into any battle, no matter what lay ahead,; his successor, Leonard Downie Jr., once said.他的继任者小伦纳德·唐Leonard Downie Jr.)曾说过,“我们愿意跟随这个人翻山越岭、浴血奋战,不管前路如何。”His rise at The Post was swift. A former Newsweek reporter, as well as neighbor and friend of John F. Kennedys, Mr. Bradlee rejoined the paper as deputy managing editor in 1965 (he worked there for a few years as a reporter early in his career). Within three months he was named managing editor, the second in command; within three years he was executive editor.布拉德利在邮报升职很快。他曾在《新闻周刊Newsweek)担任记者,而且还是约翰·F·肯尼John F. Kennedy)的邻居和朋友965年,布拉德利作为执行副主编重新进入邮报工作(在职业生涯早期,他曾在这里当过几年记者)。三个月之内,他便被任命为执行主编,成为报社的二把手;三年之内,他就荣升主编。The Post as he had found it was a sleepy competitor to The Evening Star and The Washington Daily News, and he began invigorating it. He transformed the ;womens; section into Style, a brash and gossipy overview of Washington mores. He started building up the staff, determined ;that a Washington Post reporter would be the best in town on every beat,; as he wrote in a 1995 memoir, ;A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures.; He added, ;We had a long way to go.;他发现,邮报当时与《华盛顿晚星报The Evening Star)和《华盛顿每日新闻The Washington Daily News)相当,没有太强的竞争力。于是他开始为报纸注入活力。他把“女性”版改造成了“时尚”版,以一种自以为是的口气对华盛顿风潮说长道短。他开始建设员工团队,正如他在1995年的回忆录《最“危险”的总编辑A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures)中所写,他坚信“《华盛顿邮报》的记者在每次报道中都应该是最出色的”。他说,“我们的路还很长。”How long became painfully clear to him in June 1971, when The Post was scooped by The New York Times on the Pentagon Papers, a secret government history of ed States involvement in Vietnam. After The Times printed excerpts for three days, a federal court enjoined it from publishing any more, arguing that publication would irreparably harm the nation. The Post, meanwhile, had obtained its own copy of the papers and prepared to publish.1971月,他终于痛苦地认识到这条路究竟有多长。当时,《纽约时报》先邮报一步,报道了“五角大楼文件Pentagon Papers)。这是美国政府对其介入越南事务的秘密记录。在时报连续三天刊登文件节选后,一家联邦法院以这些内容会对国家造成不可挽回的损害为由,禁止时报公开更多内容。与此同时,邮报也获得了这份文件,正准备发布。But The Post was on the verge of a million stock offering, and publishing could have scuttled the deal. At the same time, Mr. Bradlee was under pressure from reporters threatening to quit if he caved in. It was up to Mrs. Graham to choose. She decided to publish.但是,当时邮报正欲发行价500万美元的股票,而刊登这些内容可能会让这笔交易泡汤。同时,布拉德利也受到了压力,因为记者威胁他说,如果退缩,他们就辞职。最后,选择权交到了格雷厄姆手上。她决定发布这些内容。Cementing a Reputation巩固名誉The government tried to enjoin The Post from publishing, just as it had The Times, but the Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favor of both papers. More than anything else, Mr. Bradlee recalled, the publication of the Pentagon Papers ;forged forever between the Grahams and the newsroom a sense of confidence within The Post, a sense of mission.;政府试图阻止邮报曝光这些内容,就像对待时报那样,但最高法院最后做出了持这两家报纸的裁决。布拉德利回忆道,五角大楼文件的发布“在格雷厄姆家族与编辑部之间永久性地建立了一种对邮报的信心、一种使命感”,这是其他事情都无法比拟的。Watergate consolidated The Posts reputation as a crusading newspaper. A break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate complex on June 17, 1972 the White House soon characterized it as a ;third-rate burglary; caught the attention of two young reporters on the metropolitan staff, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. Soon they were working the phones, wearing out shoe leather and putting two and two together.水门事件之后,邮报新闻斗士的声誉得到了巩固9727日,民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)在水门大厦的总部遭人闯入——白宫迅速将其定性为“三级入室行窃案”——这件事吸引了两名负责华盛顿本地新闻的年轻记者的注意。这两人分别是卡尔·伯恩斯Carl Bernstein)和鲍勃·伍德沃Bob Woodward)。很快,他们便开始不断打电话,四处奔波,拼凑蛛丝马迹。With the help of others on the staff and the support of Mr. Bradlee and his editors and Mrs. Graham they uncovered a political scandal involving secret funds, espionage, sabotage, dirty tricks and illegal wiretapping. Along the way they withstood repeated denials by the White House, threats from the attorney general (who ended up in prison) and the uncomfortable feeling of being alone on the story of the century.在邮报其他记者的帮助和布拉德利等编辑——以及格雷厄姆本人——的持下,他们揭发了一起涉及秘密基金、间谍活动、蓄意破坏、卑鄙伎俩和非法窃听的政治丑闻。一路上,他们成功抵御了白宫的反复否认、(最后锒铛入狱的)司法部长的威胁,以及在报道这桩世纪新闻时的那种难熬的孤立无援感。When the trail of crimes and shenanigans led directly to the White House, Nixon was forced to resign in August 1974. The tapes that he himself had made of conversations in the Oval Office confirmed what The Post had been reporting. Mrs. Graham wrote to Mr. Bradlee in her Christmas letter that year, ;We were only saved from extinction by someone mad enough not only to tape himself but to tape himself talking about how to conceal it.;当对这些罪行和阴谋的审判直接指向白宫时,尼克松最终被迫于1974月辞职。他用来记录椭圆形办公室对话的录音带实了邮报的报道。在当年写给布拉德利的圣诞信中,格雷厄姆说,“有人竟然疯狂到这种地步:不仅给自己录音,还录下了自己谈论如何掩盖这种行为的内容。我们因为这个人才得以免于毁灭。”After Watergate, journalism schools filled up with would-be Woodwards and Bernsteins, and the business of journalism changed, taking on an even tougher hide of skepticism than the one that formed during the Vietnam War.水门事件之后,新闻学院里挤满了想成为伍德沃德和伯恩斯坦的学生;整个新闻行业也改头换面,形成了比越战时期更为明显的质疑风气;No matter how many spin doctors were provided by no matter how many sides of how many arguments,; Mr. Bradlee wrote, ;from Watergate on, I started looking for the truth after hearing the official version of a truth.;“无论存在多少争论,这些争论有多少层面,又有多少人来引导舆论,”布拉德利写道,“从水门事件开始,在听过官方叙事后,我都会去探寻真相。”The Posts Watergate coverage won the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for public service. It was one of 18 Pulitzers The Post received during Mr. Bradlees tenure. (It had won only a handful before then.) The total would have been 19 if The Post had not been compelled to return one awarded to a young reporter, Janet Cooke, for an article, titled ;Jimmys World,; about an 8-year-old drug addict whose heroin supplier was his mothers live-in lover. Only after she was given the prize was it discovered that she had fabricated the story and lied about her credentials when she was hired.邮报对水门事件的报道赢得973年的普利策公共务奖。这是布拉德利在任期间,邮报获得8项普利策奖之一。(邮报此前获得该奖项的次数寥寥无几。)倘若邮报未曾被迫归还颁发给年轻记者珍妮特·库克(Janet Cooke)的奖项,总数就应该是19个。当时,库克因为一篇题为《吉米的世界Jimmys World)的报道获奖,文章讲述了一岁男孩染上毒瘾的故事,而给他提供海洛因的是母亲的同居情人。她获奖之后,人们才发现这个故事纯属编造,而且她在进入报社工作时还伪造了自己的履历。Mr. Bradlee offered to resign over the affair but received the same support from Mrs. Grahams son Donald, who had become the publisher, as he had received from Mrs. Graham during the Pentagon Papers and Watergate crises.因为此事,布拉德利提出辞职,但如同在五角大楼文件和水门危机期间获得了格雷厄姆的持一样,他得到了当时的出版人、格雷厄姆的儿子唐纳Donald)的持。By the time of the Janet Cooke episode, Mr. Bradlee had weathered strikes by members of the Newspaper Guild, many of them his friends, and the pressmen, who had vandalized the pressroom. During those strikes he served as a reporter, mailroom clerk and general lifter of spirits.在珍妮特·库克事件发生前,布拉德利还经受住了报业工Newspaper Guild)成员联合印刷工人举行的罢工。罢工者当中,有许多是他的朋友,印刷工人还破坏了印刷机房。在此期间,他充当过记者和邮件收发员,还经常给大家打气。He had also endured libel suits and government efforts unsuccessful ones to stop The Post from publishing articles on the ground of national security. In one case even his own friends pressured him, to no avail, to kill a story.此外,他还经受住了数桩诽谤诉讼,以及政府的多次禁言企图——都是以国家安全为由来阻止该报刊登文章,但均未得逞。其中一次,就连他自己的朋友也施加压力,要求他毙掉一篇报道,但他没有屈。Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee was born in Boston on Aug. 26, 1921, the second son of Frederick Josiah Bradlee Jr. and Josephine de Gersdorff Bradlee. In a family that moved from 211 Beacon Street to 295 Beacon Street to 267 Beacon Street and finally to 280 Beacon Street, his boyhood, as he wrote, was ;not adventuresome.;本·布拉德利全名本杰明·克劳宁希尔德·布拉德利(Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee)9216日出生于波士顿,是小弗雷德里克·乔赛亚·布拉德利(Frederick Josiah Bradlee Jr.)和约瑟芬·德格斯多夫·布拉德Josephine de Gersdorff Bradlee)夫妇的次子。布拉德利一家先是从灯塔11号搬到了295号,又搬到了267号,最后搬到了280号。正如他写的那样,生活在这样一个家庭,他的童年“并不惊险刺激”。With his brother, Freddy, and a sister, Constance, he learned French, took piano lessons and went to the symphony and the opera. He was at St. Marks School when he was stricken with polio during an epidemic. But his self-confidence was undiminished: He exercised rigorously at home, and when he returned to school the next fall he had noticeably strong arms and chest and could walk without limping.布拉德利和哥哥弗雷迪(Freddy)及康斯坦Constance)一起学法语、上钢琴课、听交响乐、看歌剧。就读于圣马可中St. Marks School)期间,小儿麻痹症流行,他未能幸免。但他的自信心并未遭到削弱:他在家里大量运动,接下来的秋天重回校园时,他的手臂和胸部非常结实,而且能正常行走。Continuing a family tradition that dated to 1795, he attended Harvard, where he joined the Naval R.O.T.C. As a sophomore he was one of 268 young Harvard men, including John F. Kennedy, chosen, as ;well adjusted,; to participate in the now celebrated Grant longitudinal study, which tracked their lives over the years.他延续了家族795年以来的传统,入读了哈佛,并在那里加入了海军预备役军官训练营。大二时,他和另外一些哈佛学生因为“良好的适应能力”,获选参加如今大名鼎鼎的格兰特纵向研Grant longitudinal)。当时共68名学生被选中,其中包括约翰·F·肯尼迪。该研究对他们的生活进行了常年追踪。On Aug. 8, 1942, Mr. Bradlee graduated (;by the skin of his teeth,; he wrote of himself) as a Greek-English major, was commissioned an ensign and married Jean Saltonstall all in all, a busy day.1942日,布拉德利以希腊语和英语专业学生的身份(用他自己的话说,“万分惊险地”)毕业,并被委以海军少尉之职,还娶了琼·索顿斯托Jean Saltonstall)。总而言之,这是繁忙的一天。A month later, Mr. Bradlee shipped out to the Pacific on the destroyer Philip and saw combat for two years. During the last year of World War II he helped other destroyers run shipboard information centers.一个月后,布拉德利乘“菲利普号Philip)驱逐舰前往太平洋,并在那里作战两年。在二战的最后一个年头里,他协助管理了其他几艘驱逐舰的舰载信息中心。After the war, Mr. Bradlee and a group of friends started The New Hampshire Sunday News, a weekly. For a time he thought ;very, very, very seriously; about entering politics, he said in 1960. When the paper was sold, he snagged his first job at The Washington Post, in 1948.二战结束后,布拉德利和一群朋友创办了周报《新罕布什尔周日新闻The New Hampshire Sunday News)。他960年曾说过,有一段时间,他“非常、非常、非常认真地”考虑过从政。当这份报纸948年售出后,他获得了在《华盛顿邮报》的第一份工作。One Saturday, as he took a tour of the White House, a delegation of French officials was visiting President Harry S. Truman and no translator could be found. Mr. Bradlee filled in.一个周六,当他在白宫参观时,一由法国官员组成的代表团正在拜访时任总统哈里·S·杜鲁Harry S.Truman)。当时找不到翻译,于是便由布拉德利代替。In 1951 he was offered the job of press attaché in Paris and left for France with his wife and his young son, Benjamin Jr. From the embassy job he moved on to Newsweek in 1954, as European correspondent based in Paris.1951年,得到去巴黎担任使馆新闻专员的工作邀请后,布拉德利携妻子和年幼的儿子小本杰明(Benjamin Jr.)前往法国954年,结束大使馆的工作后,他去了《新闻周刊》,担任其驻巴黎记者,报道欧洲事务。His work was thriving, but his marriage was falling apart and finally disintegrated when he met Antoinette Pinchot Pittman, known as Tony. They were married in 1957. A year later, Mr. Bradlee took up his post as the low man in Newsweeks Washington bureau.他的事业蒸蒸日上,但婚姻却濒临崩溃,并在他遇见昵称为“托妮Tony)的安托瓦妮特·平肖·皮特Antoinette Pinchot Pittman)后最终瓦解。两人于1957年结婚。一年后,布拉德利开始在《新闻周刊》华盛顿分社担任低层职务。A Lucrative Idea一个回报颇丰的主意Concerned about rumors that Newsweek was going to be sold, Mr. Bradlee, in a moment of brashness, decided late one night to call Philip Graham, the publisher of The Washington Post, with an urgent message: Buy Newsweek.一天深夜,对《新闻周刊》将被出售的传言感到担忧的布拉德利,自行其是地决定给《华盛顿邮报》的出版人菲利普·格雷厄姆(Philip Graham)打电话,并传达了一条紧急消息:买下《新闻周刊》;It was the best telephone call I ever made the luckiest, most productive, most exciting,; he later wrote.“这是我打的最成功的电话,最幸运、最有成效、最令人激动,”他后来写道。Mr. Graham saw Mr. Bradlee that night, and they talked until dawn. On March 9, 1961, The Post acquired Newsweek, and Mr. Bradlee, soon to become the magazines Washington bureau chief, was rewarded with enough Post stock, as a finders fee, to live as a wealthy man.当天夜里,菲利普·格雷厄姆见到了布拉德利,两人一直交谈到黎明961日,邮报收购了《新闻周刊》,而作为奖赏,布拉德利得到的邮报股份,足够他过上富人的生活。那是他推介这一机遇的回报。不久后,他成为《新闻周刊》华盛顿分社社长。Mr. Bradlee continued his friendship with Kennedy and the Kennedy clan. When the president was assassinated in 1963, Mr. Bradlee was among the friends invited to receive the first lady in Washington. ;There is no more haunting sight in all the history Ive observed,; he wrote in his memoir, ;than Jackie Kennedy, walking slowly, unsteadily into those hospital rooms, her pink suit stained with her husbands blood.;布拉德利保持着与肯尼迪本人及其家族的友谊。肯尼迪总统1963年遇刺时,布拉德利是受邀在华盛顿迎接第一夫人的友人之一。他在回忆录中写道,“杰姬·肯尼迪(Jackie Kennedy)脚步酿跄地慢慢走进医院的那些房间,粉色套装上还沾染着丈夫的鲜血,那是我看到的有史以来最令人难以释怀的一幕。”Months before Kennedys death, Philip Graham committed suicide, leaving his widow, Katharine, in charge of the family business. Two years later she was still finding her way at a newspaper that had been suffering losses of million a year when she proposed that Mr. Bradlee join The Post as a deputy managing editor. The two formed a lasting bond.在肯尼迪遇刺身亡的几个月前,菲利普·格雷厄姆自杀,将家族企业留给了遗孀凯瑟琳掌管。两年后,她依然未能在这家年亏损100万美元的报纸找到出路。她提议布拉德利加入邮报,担任执行副主编。两人就此结成了长久的合作关系。Mr. Bradlee remained with the paper for 26 years, stepping down in 1991 at age 70. Named vice president at large, he had an office at The Post and became what he called ;a stop on the tour; for new reporters.布拉德利在邮报工作了26年,直到1991年以70岁的高龄退位。他被任命为名誉副总裁,在邮报有一间办公室,并成了他自嘲的新记者“入职参观的一个景点”。He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the countrys highest civilian honor, in 2013.2013年,布拉德利被授予总统自由勋章(Presidential Medal of Freedom)。这是美国平民享有的最高荣誉。In his memoir he confessed to having no overarching prescriptions for the practice of journalism. He wrote that he knew of nothing more sophisticated than the motto of one of his grade-school teachers: ;Our best today; better tomorrow.;在回忆录中,布拉德利坦承在新闻实践方面,他并没有通用原则。他写道,自己听到的最有智慧的话,是他的一位小学老师的座右铭:“今天做到最好;明天做到更好。;Put out the best, most honest newspaper you can today,; he said, ;and put out a better one the next day.;“今天在报纸上拿出能力范围内最奀?最实在的内容,”他说,“第二天再拿出更好的。”来 /201410/338014三门峡治疗性功能障碍

三门峡非淋怎么治疗WASHINGTON The Korean automakers Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors will pay the federal government a combined 0 million in penalties as part of a settlement for overstating vehicle fuel-economy standards on 1.2 million vehicles, the Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency announced on Monday.华盛顿——美国司法部(Justice Department)和国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency,简称EPA)周一宣布,韩国汽车制造商现代汽车(Hyundai Motor)和起亚汽Kia Motors)将向联邦政府付总计3亿美元(约合18亿元人民币)罚款。这是就两家制造商夸大120万辆车的节油标准所达成和解的部分内容。The penalty is the largest ever for a violation of the Clean Air Act, government officials said.政府官员称,这是有史以来因违反《清洁空气法Clean Air Act)而开出的最高罚单。Under the agreement, the automakers will pay 0 million in fines and forfeit an estimated 0 million in greenhouse gas emissions credits, which auto companies earn by building vehicles with lower emissions than are required by law.相关协议规定,两家汽车制造商将亿美元罚款,并且估计会失去价亿美元的温室气体排放许可。汽车公司通过生产低于法定排放标准的车辆,才能获得温室气体排放许可。“This type of conduct quite simply will not be tolerated,Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., said at a joint news conference at the Justice Department with Gina McCarthy, the E.P.A. administrator. The Justice Department, he added, “will never rest or waver in our determination to take action against any company that engages in such activities.;“决不能姑息这种行为,”司法部长小埃里克·H·霍尔Eric H. Holder Jr.)在司法部与EPA局长吉娜·麦卡锡(Gina McCarthy)举行联合新闻发布会时说。他接着说,司法部“誓要打击从事这类活动的公司,我们的决心绝不会松懈或动摇”。Ms. McCarthy said that the action reinforced her agency’s determination to uphold the Clean Air Act. “Businesses that play by the rules shouldn’t have to compete with those breaking the law,she said.麦卡锡表示,这件事坚定了她领导的EPA捍卫《清洁空气法》的决心。“不应该让那些违法乱纪的企业,和遵纪守法的企业竞争,”她说。In 2012, Hyundai and Kia, which are both owned by the Hyundai Motor Group, admitted that they had overstated the fuel economy of vehicles sold in the ed States over the previous two years. The admission came after an E.P.A. investigation into consumer complaints that their cars were underperforming the official mileage estimates on the window stickers of new cars. Although few drivers achieve the mileage claimed on the stickers, the government requires automakers to conduct standardized tests to calculate the figures so that buyers can more easily compare the fuel efficiency of different models.2012年,同属现代汽车集团(Hyundai Motor Group)的现代汽车和起亚汽车,承认夸大了之前两年在美销售的车辆的节油能力。此前EPA接到消费者投诉,称自己所购车辆的节油性能,低于新车车窗标签上给出的官方节油估值,EPA随即展开调查。尽管几乎没有驾驶员能达到标签上宣称的里程数,政府还是要求汽车制造商进行标准化测试,以计算出相关数据,这样消费者就能更容易地比较不同车型的燃油效率。At the time, both Hyundai and Kia apologized for what they called “procedural errorsin testing that resulted in incorrect mileage stickers on some of their most popular models, including the Hyundai Elantra and Kia Rio. The companies continue to say that the misstatement of fuel mileage was inadvertent and that they did not intentionally mislead customers.当时,现代和起亚均表示道歉,称测试过程中的“程序上的差错”,导致现代伊兰Elantra)和起亚锐Rio)等部分最受欢迎的车型上出现了不正确的里程标签。这两家公司接着表示,错误的燃油里程信息是无意之举,公司并非故意误导消费者。In an emailed statement on Monday, Chris Hosford, a spokesman for Hyundai, wrote: “To be clear, Hyundai’s view is that this was an honest mistake and there was a lack of clarity/broad latitude in E.P.A. rules and guidance that resulted in the issues outlined by the government.”周一,现代汽车发言人克里斯·霍斯福德(Chris Hosford)在一份邮件声明中写道,“必须说明,现代汽车认为这是无心之过,EPA的规定和指导并不明确,缺少足够的回旋余地,导致了政府提出的那些问题。”The settlement comes as the Obama administration has used the Clean Air Act to create and enforce new regulations aimed at reining in planet-warming pollution. In , the E.P.A. released new fuel economy standards requiring automakers to aggressively increase average fuel mileage of passenger vehicles in order to cut carbon emissions from tailpipes.达成和解时,奥巴马政府已经利用《清洁空气法》制定并实施了一些新的监管措施,旨在控制导致全球变暖的污染009年,EPA公布了新的节油标准,要求汽车制造商大幅提高客运车辆的平均燃油里程,以减少碳排放量。On Monday environmentalists praised the penalties on the two automakers.周一,环保人士对处罚两家汽车制造商一事表示赞扬。“For many years, E.P.A. has enforced the Clean Air Act to make sure cars are as clean as they are advertised,said Frank O’Donnell, president of the Group Clean Air Watch. “It is very encouraging to see that E.P.A. plans to make sure that climate-related emissions must also be as advertised.”“多年来,EPA实施了《清洁空气法》,确保车辆像广告说的一样清洁,”洁净空气观察组织(Group Clean Air Watch)主席弗兰克·奥多尼Frank O’Donnell)说。“EPA计划确保与气候有关的排放行为也必须达到广告水平,这让人倍受鼓舞。”E.P.A. officials said they discovered the problems with the Hyundai and Kia vehicles in the course of auditing fuel-economy manufacturing programs. They concluded that the Korean automakerstesting of fuel economy technologies included procedures that led to inaccurately high fuel-economy ratings for vehicles including Hyundai’s Accent, Elantra, Veloster and Santa Fe vehicles and Kia’s Rio and Soul vehicles.EPA官员表示,他们在审计节油型汽车生产项目的过程中发现了现代及起亚汽车的问题。他们断定,韩国汽车制造商节油技术测试中的一些程序导致汽车的节油性能评级偏高,出现不准确的数据,比如现代的雅绅特(Accent)、伊兰特、飞Veloster)和圣达菲(Santa Fe),以及起亚的锐欧和秀Soul)车型。That testing was done entirely in laboratories in Korea, government officials said. They said that as part of the settlement, the companies would pay to build a separate, American-based center for testing vehicle fuel economy.政府官员称,这些测试全部在韩国的实验室完成。他们表示,作为和解的一部分,两家公司将出资在美国建立测试中心,检测汽车的节油性能。来 /201411/340796 Donald Trump is so fond of the word “winnerthat he even applies it to pieces of chicken. Having lunch with the FT a couple of years ago, the mogul-turned-politician pointed his interviewer towards a particularly succulent portion and declared: “That piece looks like a winner.”唐纳德礠朗Donald Trump)特别喜欢说“赢”,他甚至把它用在了鸡肉上。两年前在与英国《金融时报》记者共进午餐时,这位当过地产大亨、后转行从政的名人指着一块特别肥嫩的鸡肉对采访他的记者说:“这一块看上去赢了。”In Mr Trump’s world, the biggest winner of all is, of course, The Donald himself. His campaign for the Republican nomination has been based around the claim that: “I’m very good at winning. I believe in winning.It is a remarkably successful pitch. Most opinion polls still show Mr Trump leading the race to be the Republican nominee.当然,在特朗普的世界里,最有希望赢的那个人是他自己。他争夺共和党总统候选人提名的选战建立在这种说法的基础上:“我非常擅长赢。我相信赢。”这是一段非常成功的宣传说辞。多数民调仍显示,特朗普在共和党提名争夺战中处于领先地位。All this chest-thumping is revealing. For Mr Trump’s claim to have magical winning properties appeals precisely to those Americans who fear that they and their country are turning into losers. In a typical rhetorical flourish, Mr Trump once argued that America is “going down fast. We can’t do anything right. We’re a laughing stock all over the world.(The fear that people are laughing at you is, of course, a classic loser’s trait.)这种拍着胸膛保的做法很能说明问题,因为特朗普宣称拥有神奇的赢的能力,这种宣传恰恰迎合了那些担心他们自己和他们的国家正变成输家的美国人的心理。特朗普曾以他典型的夸张语气提出,美国正“快速衰萀?我们什么都做不对。我们正成为全世界的笑柄”。(担心正在被人嘲笑当然正是一种典型的输家特征。)All the leading Republican contenders argue that America is going to the dogs, even if they sometimes differ on the details. Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon, who is challenging Mr Trump for the leading position in the polls, has even claimed that “political correctnessmeans that America is now “very much like Nazi Germany所有领先的共和党参选人都辩称,美国正在走下坡路,尽管他们有时在具体内容上存在分歧。在民调中对特朗普的领先地位构成挑战的神经外科医生本愠森(Ben Carson)甚至宣称,“政治正确性”意味着美国现在“非常像纳粹德国”。People who vote Republican still tend to be richer than Democrats, so all this despair in Republican ranks is a little surprising. But the US is changing in ways that are clearly making much of the party’s base fearful and insecure.投票给共和党的选民仍往往比民主党选民更富有,因此共和党各阶层的这种绝望情绪有些让人意外。但美国正在发生的一些变化,显然让共和党很多选民感到担心和不安。There are four big changes that seem to underpin Republican insecurity: the first is ethnic, the second is social, the third is economic and the fourth is a shift in America’s global position.个重大变化似乎是共和党不安全感的来源:第一是种族变化,第二是社会变化,第三是经济变化,第四是美国全球地位的变化。Just 39 per cent of white Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and yet the president was easily re-elected, after gaining the support of 90 per cent of minority voters. Whites still make up 72 per cent of the electorate, but America is changing fast. According to the US Census Bureau, by 2020 “more than half the nation’s children will be part of a minority race or ethnic group with Hispanics the largest single minority group. By 2043 the US will be “majority-minority with whites less than 50 per cent of the population. Mr Trump’s rhetoric appeals to white voters who are scared by this change. He has promised to deport all 11m illegal immigrants in the US and to build a giant wall along the Mexican border.2012年,只有39%的美国白人投票持巴拉克攠巴Barack Obama),而在赢得90%少数族裔选民持后,奥巴马轻松连任。美国白人仍然占到美国选民总数2%,但美国正迅速发生变化。根据美国人口普查局(US Census Bureau)的数据,020年,“超过一半的美国儿童将属于少数种族或族裔”,拉美裔将成为最大单一少数族裔群体。到2043年,美国将变成“少数族裔占人口大多数”的国家,白人所占比例将低于一半。特朗普的言论迎合了那些害怕这种变化的白人选民的心理。他承诺将把美国1100万非法移民全部驱逐出境,并在墨西哥边界砌起一道巨型隔离墙。A fear of social change in the US has also long animated religious conservatives, who are an important part of the Republican base and are particularly strong supporters of Mr Carson. The religious right thinks that the legalisation of abortion set America on the path to perdition and this cultural pessimism has been further stirred by the legalisation of gay marriage.长期以来,对美国社会变化的担忧也激起了宗教保守派的热情,他们是共和党选民基础的重要组成部分,是卡森尤为热情的持者。宗教右翼人士认为,堕胎合法化将让美国走上灭亡之路,同性恋婚姻合法化则进一步激发了这种文化悲观主义论调。With real wages stagnant for many Americans, including the middle-class, the Republicans have also begun to adopt the rhetoric of economic insecurity. Mr Trump bashes hedge-fund managers. Even Ted Cruz, who is fighting hard to be the most rightwing candidate, has complained that Mr Obama’s economic policies have only benefited the richest 1 per cent of Americans.由于很多美国人(包括中产阶级)的实际薪资停滞不前,共和党人还开始宣扬经济方面的不安全感。特朗普抨击对冲基金经理。甚至连努力成为最右翼候选人的特德克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)也不满地指出,奥巴马的经济政策只让美国最富有%人群受益。Mixed in with all this domestic insecurity is a pervasive sense that America itself is becoming less powerful. The idea that some erosion in its global strength is inevitable, given the rise of China, gets short shrift in the Republican debate. Instead all setbacks, real and imagined, are attributed to Mr Obama’s “weakness掺杂在这种国内不安全感之中的是一种普遍存在的感觉:美国的实力正在下滑。认为鉴于中国的崛起,美国的全球实力难免受到一定削弱的观点,在共和党的辩论中受到忽略。所有的挫折(不管是真实的还是想象中的)都被归咎于奥巴马的“软弱”。All the Republican candidates seem to want to show a more aggressive face to the world. Carly Fiorina, who is sometimes touted as a voice of moderation, has said of President Vladimir Putin of Russia: “I wouldn’t talk to him at all... I would do immediately, I would begin rebuilding the Sixth Fleet...I would also conduct military exercises in the Baltic states.This kind of “strongtalk is so strident that it risks looking weak.共和党的所有候选人都希望向世界展示出更咄咄逼人的形象。有时被捧为温和派代言人的卡莉菲奥里纳(Carly Fiorina)在谈到俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)时表示:“我根本不会跟他谈……我会马上做什么?我会开始重建第六舰Sixth Fleet)……我还会在波罗的海国家开展军事演习。”这类“强硬”言论如此过激,以至于这番话有显得软弱的风险。The key question for the Republicans is whether it is possible to put together a coalition of “losersthat could actually win. The polls provide some encouragement. A Reuters survey a few days ago found that 59 per cent of Americans think their country is on the “wrong track compared to just 24 per cent who think it is heading in the right direction.共和党的一个关键问题是,能否将“输家”组织成一个能够真正取胜的联盟。民调结果令人鼓舞。路Reuters)几天前的一项调查显示,59%的美国人认为美国正走在“错误的轨道”上,只4%的美国人认为美国正在朝正确的方向前进。Yet if the Republicans base their strategy on a relentlessly gloomy message about the state of the US, they will be ignoring lessons from their own past. The great hero of the modern Republican party remains the late Ronald Reagan, who managed to combine highly conservative views with sunny optimism. President Reagan also had a self-deprecating good humour that is a million miles away from the dark warnings and shameless bragging of Mr Trump.然而,如果共和党人将其竞选策略建立在对美国现状传达极其悲观的信号上,他们将忽视他们自己过去的经验。现代共和党的伟大英雄仍是已故的罗纳德里Ronald Reagan),他曾成功地将极度保守的观点与阳光向上的乐观主义结合在一起。里根还具备自嘲的幽默感,特朗普忧郁的警告与无耻的自夸与里根相差十万八千里。The modern Republican party needs a Reagan-like candidate who can say, “our best days lie aheadand sound like he means it. In a crowded but unconvincing field, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has done the best job of condemning the Obama years, without sounding angry or unhinged. He is also Hispanic, which may go some way to undoing his party’s massive disadvantage among minority voters. As the Republicans search for a candidate who “looks like a winner Senator Rubio increasingly looks like their best bet.现代共和党需要里根那样的候选人,可以告诉世人“我们最好的日子在前头”,而且听上去不是说着玩的。在这个候选人众多但说力欠缺的战场上,佛罗里达州参议员马尔科脠比Marco Rubio)在谴责奥巴马执政期方面功勋卓著,而且他听上去不愤怒、也不神经。他也是拉美裔,这或许能够在某种程度上消除共和党在少数族裔选民中的巨大劣势。在共和党寻找“看上去能赢”的候选人之际,参议员鲁比奥看上去越来越像是他们的最佳押注对象。来 /201511/408048湖滨区人民医院看泌尿科怎么样三门峡非淋球菌尿道炎



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