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Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, has his hands full trying to reboot his company in the age of Google and a resurgent Apple. Nearly all of its products are under attack or trailing the competition.在这个由谷歌(Google)和复兴的苹果公司(Apple) 引领风潮的时代,微软(Microsoft)首席执行官萨蒂亚·纳德拉正在尝试着重启这家公司。他的待办事项肯定满满当当:几乎所有的微软产品都受到挑战,或者落后于竞争对手。What Nadella should do has been the subject of great debate among industry watchers. On Thursday, he took his first major step by announcing plans to cut 18,000 jobs to help streamline the company. Despite the scope of the move—it would be Microsoft’s largest-ever wave of layoffs—Nadella has been vague about what may be in store for the technology giant.纳德拉应该做什么,一直是业界观察家热议的主题。上周四,他宣布了一项裁员18,000人的公司瘦身计划,这是他上任后的首个大动作。尽管这一举动的波及面不可谓不大(它将是微软有史以来规模最大的裁员行动),但纳德拉一直含糊其辞,不愿明确透露这家科技巨头究竟将走向何方。Last week, he released a 3,000-word mission statement to employees in which he stated the obvious: that Microsoft MSFT 1.02% needs more urgency and innovation. He followed it up with an equally elusive appearance at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. during which he emphasized the huge potential of his company. One problem: Nadella did not outline how he planned to achieve it.上周,纳德拉发布了一份3,000字的使命宣言。在这份宣言中,他向全体员工陈述了一件显而易见的事情:微软需要更多的紧迫感和创新。随后,在科罗拉多州阿斯彭召开的《财富》科技头脑风暴大会(Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech) 上,纳德拉同样令人难以捉摸。他着重强调这家公司的巨大潜力,但问题是,这位微软掌门人并没有勾勒他打算如何实现这种潜能。Analysts have a number of ideas for Microsoft, from incremental to radical. Nearly all agree that reinvigorating a company as big as Microsoft will take time, if it can be done at all.从渐进到激进,分析师给微软开了很多处方。几乎所有人都同意,重振一家庞大如微软的公司需要时间,如果这项复兴大业有望完成的话。“It’s very difficult for a company of that size and that many commitments to customers to turn on a dime,” said Ross Rubin, an independent analyst with Reticle Research.“对于一家规模如此巨大,对消费者做出如此多承诺的公司来说,哪怕轻微地转身,也是一件极其困难的事情,”Reticle Research研究公司独立分析师罗斯o鲁宾说。Microsoft, of course, once dominated the technology industry with its Windows computer operating system and Office productivity software suite. But the world quickly changed, and Microsoft was slow to change with it. Today, Microsoft’s position is weak because it failed to anticipate the shift by consumers from desktop computers to mobile devices early enough. Now, it’s scrambling to catch up.没错,凭借Windows电脑操作系统和Office办公套装软件,微软曾经是高科技产业的王者。但面对日新月异的世界,微软显得老态龙钟,变化缓慢。如今的微软已处于劣势,因为它没有预料到消费者会如此迅速地放弃台式电脑,转而使用移动设备。现在,它开始奋力追赶。The company remains a behemoth with .5 billion in sales during the first nine months of this fiscal year. Profits during that period reached an impressive .5 billion, but they gained only 3% from a year earlier.这家公司仍然是一个庞然大物,本财年头九个月创下了高达635亿美元的销售额。同期利润也令人印象深刻,达175亿美元,但仅比去年同期上涨了3%。Microsoft’s software business, the company’s cornerstone, is facing a difficult fight with rivals like Google GOOG -1.53% and Apple AAPL -1.78% essentially giving their versions away for free. For Microsoft, competing in such an environment, at least in the long term, is a losing battle if it fails to make major changes.作为微软立身之本的软件业务正面临谷歌和苹果的强力狙击——这两家公司的软件版本基本上是免费赠送。对于微软来说,在这样的环境下竞争,至少从长远来看,如果它未能作出重大改变,败局已定。Earlier this year, Microsoft released a version of Office for Apple’s iPad, years after the tablet had become a blockbuster seller. The delay is believed to have costMicrosoft a large number of potential sales and left the market wide open for others to fill. So far, people have managed just fine without Office on their tablets and may now see little reason to spend money on it.今年早些时候,在苹果iPad风行世界多年之后,微软终于发布了面向这款平板电脑的Office软件。业界普遍认为,这种延误已经让微软损失了大量潜在的销售良机,无异于把这一市场拱手让与他人。到目前为止,人们早已习惯使用没有安装Office软件的平板电脑,现在可能看不出花钱购买这款软件的理由。“What does Microsoft uniquely provide that is differentiated from other options, many of which are free?” asked Jan Dawson, an independent analyst with Jackdaw Research.“微软独家提供的软件跟许多其他的免费选项究竟有何区别?”Jackdaw Research公司独立分析师贾恩·道森说。 /201407/313367


  Chinese smartphone users are taking to mobile ecommerce more quickly than they were expected to, creating a boom for mobile internet companies, writes Charles Clover.中国的智能手机用户接受移动端电子商务的速度比预想得更快,使移动互联网公司得到了快速发展。Alibaba, one of the biggest beneficiaries, said on Wednesday that its mobile revenues had climbed 10-fold in the three months to June 30 – from Rmb240m in the second quarter of 2013 to Rmb2.4bn (1m).最大的受益者之一阿里巴巴(Alibaba)周三表示,截至6月30日的3个月内,其移动端收入增长了9倍,从2013年第二季度的2.4亿元人民币增至24亿元人民币(合3.91亿美元)。Almost 500m of Chinese internet users say they have accessed the internet using smartphones, which are very cheap in China, some costing as low as . Experts say this figure is destined to rise rapidly as China has 900m mobile phone users, many of whom still have not entered the 3G or 4G era.中国有几乎5亿网民称自己用智能手机上网。智能手机在中国非常便宜,有些机型的价格低至70美元。专家称,中国有9亿手机用户,其中许多人还没有踏入3G或4G时代,用智能手机上网的人数注定会快速上升。Overall, mobile internet revenues in China doubled year on year in the second quarter of 2014, from Rmb21bn to Rmb44bn, according to a study published by iResearch, a Beijing-based internet consultancy. It said that half of the Rmb44bn was from mobile shopping.根据位于北京的互联网咨询公司艾瑞咨询集团(iResearch)发布的研究报告,总体上,中国2014年第二季度的移动互联网收入同比增长了1倍,从210亿元人民币增至440亿元人民币。报告称,440亿元人民币的收入的一半来自移动端网购。Wang Xiaoxin, a mobile ecommerce expert at Analysys EnfoDesk, said the rapid growth is a sign of the market’s growing maturity. Online retailers are targeting its “immense potential”. He said discounts and promotional activities are drawing in more consumers.易观智库(Analysys EnfoDesk)的移动电子商务专家王小星表示,快速增长是市场日渐成熟的表现。在线零售商正瞄准这个市场的“巨大潜力”。他说,折扣和促销活动吸引了更多消费者。Alibaba declined to comment, but has said it expects “mobile monetisation rates will continue to approach the rates we realise on our personal computer interfaces”.阿里巴巴拒绝置评,但表示其预计“移动商业化比率(译注:移动营收占总成交额的比例)将持续接近我们在个人电脑界面上实现的比率”。 /201409/325005。

  Chinese networking equipment firm Huawei Technologies Co. says there#39;s a risk that the global technology industry could splinter along geographic or political lines in the wake of revelations that the National Security Agency has targeted specific technology products. The company is calling for international cooperation among technology manufacturers to create standards and best practices that help everybody better protect data and networks.中国网络设备供应商华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.)称,随着美国国家安全局(National Security Agency, 简称:国安局)入侵部分科技产品遭到曝光,全球科技产业将面临按地域或政治立场出现分裂的风险。该公司呼吁全球科技制造商展开国际合作,建立行业标准,打造最优业务,帮助所有人更好地保护数据和网络。#39;There#39;s a very real concern for political or geography-based balkanization, which is in nobody#39;s best interest,#39; said William Plummer, Huawei#39;s Washington, D.C.-based vice president of external affairs. On December 30, Der Spiegel reported that the NSA has targeted Huawei products, among those of other manufacturers, with malicious software and hardware that create backdoors in products.常驻华盛顿特区的华为国际事务副总裁普卢默(William Plummer)说,我们非常担心发生以地理或政治为界限的分裂,这不符合任何人的最佳利益。12月30日《明镜》周刊(Der Spiegel)报道称,美国国安局将华为(还有其他一些制造商的)产品纳入了监听对象范围,通过恶意软件及硬件在产品中植入“后门”实施监听活动。Huawei is familiar with what happens when trust splinters. For years it has received complaints from the ed States government about the Chinese government potentially introducing backdoors into Huawei equipment. Huawei has denied that this has happened. In October 2012, a U.S. House Intelligence Committee Report urged U.S. telecom providers not to do business with Huawei and ZTE Corp., another Chinese equipment manufacturer. Now that the tables are turned, Huawei is not expressing schadenfreude. Instead, Mr. Plummer suggests that the industry find a global standards-setting organization such as the International Telecommunications Union to help manufacturers bolster security in their products.华为对于信任破裂的情况并不陌生。多年来美国政府一直指责华为,称中国政府可能在其设备中开设后门。华为对此予以了否认。2012年10月的一份美国众议院情报委员会(House Intelligence Committee)报告极力主张美国通信务商不要与华为和中兴通讯股份有限公司(ZTE Corp., 简称:中兴通讯)进行商业合作(中兴通讯是中国另一家设备生产商)。如今形势扭转,华为并没有表示出幸灾乐祸的态度。相反,普卢默建议所在的行业通过国际电信联盟(International Telecommunications Union)这样的全球标准设定组织,来帮助设备制造商提升产品安全。The NSA reportedly also targeted enterprise products from Cisco Systems Inc., Juniper Networks Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc. These companies say they did not assist the NSA in creating backdoors for their products and will work with customers to communicate any vulnerabilities they find. Juniper, Cisco and Huawei say they are investigating specific allegations about products made in the story.据报道,美国国安局还将思科系统(Cisco Systems Inc., CSCO, 简称:思科)、瞻网络(Juniper Networks Inc., JNPR)、惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard Co., HPQ)以及戴尔公司(Dell Inc., DELL)纳入监听范围。上述公司称没有协助国安局在其产品内开设后门,并表示将与客户合作,就发现的任何潜在漏洞进行沟通。瞻网络、思科及华为称,他们正在对文中提及的产品问题进行调查。Huawei is #39;conducting audits of its products to determine if any compromise has occurred.#39; If so, it will develop and communicate appropriate fixes, said Mr. Plummer.普卢默称,华为正在对其产品进行评审,以确定是否被植入后门。如果确有此事,公司将研究出修改方法并告知客户。Cisco is investigating allegations about the creation of alleged implants for some of the Cisco PIX and Cisco ASA platforms and is posting updates on a blog.思科正在就部分Cisco PIX和Cisco ASA平台被植入后门程序的传闻进行调查,并将在客上更新进展情况。Juniper Networks, in a statement, said it is not aware of any implants and the company takes #39;allegations of this nature very seriously and are working to address any possible exploit paths.#39;瞻网络在一份声明中称,公司并不知道任何后门软件植入的事情,公司非常严肃地对待此类传闻,并将堵住任何可能的入侵路径。H-P, in a statement, said it #39;was not aware of any of the information presented in the Der Spiegel article, and we have no reason to believe that the HP ProLiant G5 server mentioned was ever compromised as suggested in the article.#39;惠普在一份声明中称,公司此前并不知道《明镜》周刊文章所给出的信息,且没有理由相信惠普Proliant G5务器如文中提及的那样遭到入侵。Dell, in a statement, said it #39;does not work with any government - ed States or otherwise - to compromise our products to make them potentially vulnerable for exploit.#39; That includes software implants or so-called backdoors.戴尔在一份声明中称,公司没有与任何(美国或其他国家或地区)政府合作对公司产品做手脚,为监听制造机会。这当中包括植入软件或所谓的后门。The NSA, in a statement, said that the U.S. technology industry builds the most secure hardware and software in the world today. #39;Given its own reliance on many of the very same technologies that the public uses, the U.S. Government is as concerned as the public is with the security of these products.#39; The NSA won#39;t comment on specific alleged intelligence-gathering activities, but the #39;NSA#39;s interest in any given technology is driven by the use of that technology by foreign intelligence targets.#39;国安局在一份声明说,美国科技产业生产着当今世界最安全的硬件和软件产品。声明称,考虑到公众使用的许多技术也被美国政府赖以使用,因此美国政府也像公众一样非常关心这些产品的安全性。国安局未就外界提及的具体情报搜集活动置评,但称国安局对任何特定技术的关注源于这种技术被外国情报目标所使用。For now, many customers are upset and there is skittishness about whether their internal networks have been somehow compromised by the NSA, said Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner Research Inc. #39;You can#39;t just redo your network,#39; she said, adding that IT budgets are tight.Gartner Research Inc.副总裁兼著名分析师利坦(Avivah Litan)说,当前有许多客户感到不快,并担心其内部网络可能受到国安局的入侵。她说,重建网络是一件很困难的事情,并补充说客户的科技经费有限。Most customers are trying to find more information at the moment, which includes putting pressure on vendors to delineate which products may have been impacted. Some are looking at taking legal action, she said, which could take years. The prospect of closing the alleged backdoors could take several months from a technical perspective.此刻多数客户都在试图获取更多相关信息,包括向供应商施压以了解有哪些产品可能受到了影响。她说,一些客户正打算采取法律手段,这可能会花费数年时间。技术上讲,关闭后门程序可能会需要数月时间。Aly, in Europe, companies are looking for suppliers not based in the U.S., said Ms. Litan. #39;The trust level is on rock bottom,#39; she added. #39;It#39;s really going to hurt U.S. company business - we#39;re aly seeing it.#39;利坦说,欧洲一些公司已经开始寻找美国之外的供应商。她说,人们的信任度降至了最低点,并补充说此事的确会伤害到美国公司的业务,我们已经看到了这一迹象。 /201401/271959


  英国电信公司称手机使用者应该付宽带税来源:The Guardian 编辑:Vicki英国电信公司近日向政府提出向移动电话用户每年征收6英镑的税。上个月,通讯部长), Lord Carter在其数码英国报告中提出向固定电话使用者每个月征收50英镑的税,以保在2017年之前英国90%以上的住户都可以享用超快的网速。但是该项提案有可能暂时无法通过,因为需要通过一项新的法案。最早也要到明年3月份才可以,那个时候大家的关注点都在大选上。Mobile phone users should share the pain of broadband tax, says BTBT has called for the government's proposed pound;6-a-year broadband tax to be extended to mobile phone users in a move that could reduce the size of the tax.In his Digital Britain report last month, the communications minister(通讯部长), Lord Carter, proposed a 50p-a-month levy(征税) on every fixed-line phone to meet the bill for getting the next generation of super-fast broadband networks to 90% of UK households by 2017.But it is not only fixed-line companies that would be able to bid for some of the estimated pound;1.5bn that would be raised by the tax. Mobile phone operators would also be able to use the money. As a result, BT's director of industry policy and regulation(英国电信产业政策和规章主任), Emma Gilthorpe, said yesterday that if mobile, wireless-based operators did go through that bid process then "the government should consider the opportunity to widen the base for the tax and possibly reduce the amount that each individual household pays".BT reckons (认为)it is incongruous(不一致的) that the levy only applies to fixed-line phones even though mobile phone companies and other businesses that want to use wireless solutions can bid for the cash for next-generation networks.Carter proposed the new broadband tax because there is little chance of the market being able to make an economic case for pushing fibre-optic(光纤) networks and other super-fast broadband services beyond about 60% of the population. With the Treasury unwilling to make any money available from general taxation(税收), the telephone levy aims to plug the funding gap.BT has aly announced plans to invest pound;1.5bn over the next three years on a super-fast network but it will only reach four of every 10 homes. Virgin Media, meanwhile, is aly offering broadband at 50Mb a second – the sort of speed expected from next-generation networks – but it covers only about half of the country.Gilthorpe's comments, at a Westminster Media Forum debate on Digital Britain, came as BT announced that it is speeding up the rollout(首次展示) of its next-generation network.Having originally planned to have about half a million homes connected by next March, it yesterday said it would have 1.5m homes connected by next summer. By the end of this summer Virgin Media will have completed its next-generation network plan, putting its 50Mb a second service within reach of 12.5m homes.But there are fears within the industry that Carter's broadband tax could fail as it would require a new finance bill, which is unlikely to appear before next March. By then the government will be focused on a forthcoming general election(即将到来的大选) and a new tax on consumers is unlikely to be a vote-winner.Keke View:英国是世界上较早实行普选制的国家,其选举制度不仅对英国自身的民主政治体系具有十分重要的意义,而且对美国等西方国家民主政治体系也具有十分广泛而深远的影响。在英国, 君主(monarch)以及下议院(又称平民院)和上议院(又称贵族院)两院(House of Commons and House of Lords)是法定的三大立法主体。当然君王的立法地位只是流于形式,而两院中的下议院又具有主导地位。 /200907/77411Laptop sales have been tanking as tablets surge. The new Windows 8 is off to a slow start with users. And the hybrid machines that claim to work as both tablets and laptops are still niche products. So what#39;s a laptop maker to do?随着平板电脑销量的飙升,笔记本的销量不断遭受冲击。用户对微软新操作系统Windows 8的反应平淡。而声称可以同时用作平板与笔记本的混合机型仍然是小众。在这种情况下,笔记本厂商该怎么做?Well, most Windows laptop companies are promising to spend this year driving prices down, while continuing to experiment with better hybrid designs. But not Toshiba. The venerable Japanese firm has decided to go upscale, introducing an all-new brand of conventional 13-inch laptops that are positioned as premium products, with prices starting at ,600.大多数Windows笔记本厂商都承诺会在今年把价格降下来,同时继续探索更好的混合机型设计。但东芝(Toshiba)却没这么做。这家老牌日本厂商决定走高端路线,他们推出了一个定位顶级的13英寸笔记本全新品牌,售价自1,600美元(约合人民币9,888元)起。That over-,000 market has long been the territory of Apple. But Toshiba figures it can offer buyers with deep pockets the Windows equivalent of Apple#39;s popular and much-praised MacBook Air, with premium materials, strong specs and a good warranty. It#39;s called the Kirabook, part of a new Toshiba brand called Kira.长期以来,1,000美元以上价位的笔记本市场都是苹果(Apple)的天下。但东芝却相信,凭借着顶级的材质、强大的性能与良好的品质,他们能够为那些财力雄厚的消费者提供一款Windows笔记本,它可以与苹果叫好又叫座的Macbook Air相提并论。这就是东芝新品Kirabook,是东芝主打新品牌Kira中的一员。I#39;ve been testing a Kirabook for the past five days and I found it to be a good computer whose strongest feature is a brilliant, high-resolution screen. It#39;s a speedy and reliable machine that#39;s thin and light without feeling cheap.过去五天,我一直在测试Kirabook。我认为这是一款出色的电脑,其最突出的特性就是那块亮丽的高清显示屏。Kirabook是一款运行流畅、性能可靠的轻薄笔记本,完全没有廉价感。But I consider it overpriced for what it offers. It actually costs more than a MacBook Air, but with much worse battery life, an older processor and a design that looks like a lot of other grayish, metallic laptops.但我还是觉得,相对于性能来说,这款产品定价过高。Kirabook实际售价比Macbook Air还高,但电池续航性能却差很多,而且配备的是上一代处理器,设计上也和诸多灰色金属材质的笔记本比较相像。There are three models. The top one, which costs ,000, is distinguished mainly by its use of a very fast processor that average consumers won#39;t need. The other two models are identical, except the entry-level offering, at ,600, has a standard, non-touch screen. The middle model, at ,800, which I tested, has a touch screen.Kirabook有三种配置。最高配的售价2,000美元(约合人民币12,360元),主要差别就是配备了一款非常迅速的处理器,但一般消费者却并不需要。其他两款差不多,只是售价1,600美元的入门款机型配备的是标准的非触摸屏。而我所测试的中端配置有触摸屏,售价1800美元(约合人民币11,124元)。The MacBook Air also has a non-touch screen, but that#39;s because its operating system, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, isn#39;t designed for touch screens. By contrast, Windows 8 is a touch-centric operating system, and I don#39;t recommend consumers buying Windows 8 computers to opt for non-touch screens. So the least expensive Kirabook that works optimally with its operating system costs ,800.Macbook Book用的也是非触摸屏,但这是因为其操作系统Mac OS X山狮(Mountain Lion)并不是为触摸屏而设计的。相比之下,Windows 8是以触控为核心的操作系统,我不建议消费者购买Windows 8电脑时选择非触摸屏。所以,使用优化操作系统的Kirabook,最便宜的也要1,800美元。How do those prices compare with Apple#39;s, which have traditionally been higher than those of most Windows PCs?这个价格怎么去和苹果电脑相比?苹果电脑一直都比大多数Windows PC高端。Well, the base ,600 Kirabook with the non-touch screen includes a generous 8 gigabytes of memory and a 256 GB solid-state drive. The base 13-inch MacBook Air, whose price was cut 0 just Monday, costs ,099. But when configured with the same amount of memory and solid-state storage, it costs ,399, still about 0 less than the non-touch Kirabook and 0 less than the touch-screen model.售价1,600美元的最低配Kirabook用是非触摸屏,内存8GB,256GB固态硬盘(SSD)。而13寸最低配Macbook Air上周一刚刚降价100美元,现价1,099美元(约合人民币6,792元)。但如果要达到与Kirabook相同的内存与硬盘配置的话,Macbook Air售价需要1,399美元(约合人民币8,646元),仍然比非触摸屏的Kirabook低200美元,比触摸屏版Kirabook低400美元。The two machines each weigh a hair under 3 pounds and are roughly 0.7-inch thick, though the Toshiba is a bit thicker. It also has a smaller footprint. The Kirabook has a magnesium alloy body that Toshiba claims is 100% stronger than the aluminum used for the body of the Air.这两款笔记本重量都略低于3磅(约合1.36千克),厚度在0.7英寸(约合1.78厘米)左右,但东芝那款要略厚一些。Kirabook的面积稍小,东芝表示,这款产品机身使用的镁合金材质要比Air所使用的铝合金坚固一倍。The Kirabook#39;s biggest advantage is its hi-res screen. It is almost as sharp as the one on Apple#39;s higher-end 13-inch laptop, the MacBook Pro with Retina display. That MacBook starts at ,499 and is ,699 when configured with the same memory and storage as the Kirabook. The Kirabook#39;s screen resolution is so high that text can get uncomfortably small. I was forced to use a built-in Toshiba utility to actually lower the resolution a bit for this reason.Kirabook最大的优势是那块高清显示屏,几乎和苹果更高端的13寸带Retina显示屏的笔记本Macbook Pro(售价1,499美元)一样锐利,后者与Kirabook内存和硬盘相同配置的售价是1,699美元(约合人民币10,500元)。 Kirabook显示屏的分辨率如此之高,以至于显示的文字太小时,会看起来不舒。因此我不得不通过东芝内置的工具,把分辨率实际降低一些。The Kirabook has three USB ports to the Air#39;s two, and Toshiba throws in a two-year warranty, while Apple#39;s standard warranty is just one year. The Kirabook also has an HDMI port, for easy connection to a TV, which the Apple lacks.Kirabook有三个USB接口,而Air只有两个。东芝提供了两年保修,而苹果通常的保修期限只有一年。Kirabook还有个HDMI接口,方便连接到电视上,这是苹果所没有的。In addition to its high price, the biggest downsides of the Kirabook are Windows 8, whose two very different user interfaces can be confusing; mediocre battery life; and the fact it uses older processors. By contrast, as of Monday, the MacBook Air uses the latest Intel processors, just out, which promise huge increases in battery life and better graphics. The Kirabooks aren#39;t due to be upgraded to these new chips till the fourth quarter.除了价格高,Kirabook最大的劣势是Windows 8;这个操作系统有两个完全不同的用户界面,令人感到困惑。Kirabook的电池续航时间也很平庸,还配备了较老款的处理器。相比之下,上周一刚发布的新款Macbook Air使用的是最新英特尔(Intel)处理器,据称能够显著提高电池巡航时间和提供更好的图形处理能力。而在第四季度之前,Kirabook都不会更新到英特尔的新芯片。These new processors and battery life are closely linked. Apple claimed this week that, with the new chips, the 13-inch MacBook Air can get up to 12 hours of battery life between charges. That isn#39;t a typo. (Stay tuned for a review of this revamped Air.)这些新处理器和电池续航时间有着紧密关联。苹果本周表示,配备新处理器的13寸Macbook Air一次充电可以提供至多12小时的电池续航时间。对,你没看错。(请关注新版Air的评测。)However, even with the same, older Intel chips, the MacBook Air handily beat the Kirabook in battery life. In my tough battery test, where I turn off power-saving features, keep the Wi-Fi on to collect email and play music until the battery dies, the Kirabook lasted four hours and 27 minutes. The MacBook Air rates over six hours on the same test.不过即便是配备较老的英特尔处理器,Macbook Air也可以在电池续航时间上轻松压倒Kirabook。在我严格的电池测试中,即关闭省电设置,保持Wi-Fi连接以接受邮件,持续播放音乐,直至电池耗尽,Kirabook只能坚持4小时27分钟,而Macbook Air在相同测试下的电池表现超过了6个小时。Overall, the Toshiba Kirabook is a very nicely built PC, but for its premium price, it ought to have the latest components, more distinctive design and better battery life.总的来说,东芝Kirabook是一款非常出色的PC,但考虑到其高昂售价,这款笔记本就应该拥有最新的部件、更别致的设计、更强劲的电池续航时间。 /201306/245341



  Cyber attacks rose 14 per cent last year, as online criminals targeted intellectual property-rich industries such as pharmaceuticals, mining and electronics, according to a report by Cisco.思科(Cisco)一份报告称,网络攻击数量去年上升了14%,制药、矿业和电子工业等知识产权密集的行业成为网络罪犯的目标。Vulnerabilities in computer systems and the threat from hackers reached the highest level since 2000, when the technology company launched its annual security report.这家技术公司发布年度安全报告之际,计算机系统漏洞及黑客威胁达到2000年以来的最高水平。Cisco said there had been “unprecedented growth” in advanced attacks, with every large company it monitored becoming a target for malicious traffic.思科表示,技术含量较高的攻击出现了“前所未有的增长”。思科监测的每家大型公司都成为恶意流量攻击的目标。John Stewart, senior vice-president and chief security officer, said the report painted a grim picture of the state of cyber security.思科副总裁兼首席安全官约翰#8226;斯图尔特(John Stewart)说,这份报告描绘了网络安全现状的一幅悲观图景。But, he added, there was hope to restore trust by trying to understand hackers. “To truly protect against all of these possible attacks, defenders must understand the attackers, their motivations and their methods – before, during and after an attack.”但他补充道,通过试图了解黑客,有望恢复信心。“为了真正防御所有这些可能的攻击,防御者必须了解攻击者,掌握他们的动机和手段——在攻击开始前、进行中和结束后。”Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, mining and electronics all saw increases in the malware targeted at them of more than 600 per cent, while attempts to breach security in the energy, oil and gas industries rose more than 400 per cent.制药、化工、农业、矿业和电子工业受到的恶意软件攻击均增加逾600%。同时,针对能源和油气行业的攻击增加400%以上。Attempts to hack retailers and wholesalers – in the public eye after Target lost data from more than 70m customers in an attack – rose more than 100 per cent. The attempts may not have led to breaches, depending on the protections in place.针对零售商和批发商的攻击增加逾100%。美国零售商塔吉特(Target)在一次攻击中丢失7000余万用户数据的消息曝光后,此类攻击引起公众关注。不过,取决于采取的保护措施,有些攻击可能没有突破防线。Cyber criminals are increasingly looking for intellectual property they can either sell on the black market or use to inform decisions about competing products or plans.网络罪犯对寻找知识产权越来越感兴趣,这些机密要么可在黑市上出售,要么可用作竞争产品或计划的决策依据。Levi Gundert, a threat researcher who worked on the Cisco report, said the attacks could be “criminals” or “nation states”.参与撰写报告的威胁研究员莱维#8226;贡德特(Levi Gundert)说,实施攻击的可能是“罪犯”,也可能是“国家”。“You almost need to have the Economist or the FT in hand while looking at some of these numbers – they vertically correspond to geopolitical events,” he said.他说:“你在看报告中的一些数字时,手里几乎需要一份《经济学人》或英国《金融时报》,因为这些数字直接对应着某些地缘政治事件。” /201401/273677


  Chinese search engine giant Baidu plans to buy the entire share capital of NetDragon Websoft’s subsidiary 91 Wireless for .9bn, making it the biggest acquisition deal in China’s internet industry if it succeeds.中国搜索引擎巨擘百度计划以19亿美元收购网龙公司(NetDragon Websoft)的子公司91无线(91 Wireless)。若交易成功,这将成为中国互联网业最大一笔收购交易。NetDragon, an online game development and mobile internet business based in Fujian province, said yesterday Baidu had agreed to buy its 57.41 per cent stake in 91 Wireless for .09bn. Baidu has offered to buy out the other shareholders on the same terms.总部位于福建的网络游戏开发和移动互联网公司网龙昨天表示,百度已同意以10.9亿美元收购91无线57.41%的股份。百度将按相同条款,向91无线其他股东购买全部股份。91 Wireless is a leading mobile internet company in China. It developed and runs two major smart-phone app distribution platforms for iOS and Android systems on the websites Sj.91.com and apk.hiapk.com. Total downloads on the two platforms exceeded 12.9bn by the end of 2012, the company says.91无线是中国领先的移动互联网公司。它在Sj.91.com和apk.hiapk.com网站上,为iPhone操作系统和Android操作系统开发和运行两大智能手机应用分发平台。该公司表示,到2012年底,这两个平台的总下载已经超过129亿次。Baidu agreed to purchase the outstanding 42.59 per cent stake from 91 Wireless’s remaining shareholders on the same terms offered to NetDragon, taking the total price of the deal to .9bn – surpassing the bn Yahoo paid to acquire 40 per cent of online auction site Alibaba in 2005.百度将按与网龙签署的相同条款,收购91无线剩余的42.59%股权,使得总收购价格达到19亿美元,超过2005年雅虎(Yahoo)10亿美元收购阿里巴巴(Alibaba)40%股份的交易。Private equity fund IDG owns 10.39 per cent of the company; Singapore’s Temasek holds 5.71 per cent through Vertex; and Richard Li, chairman of PCCW and the younger son of Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, has 4.14 per cent through Pacific Century. David Wei, former chief executive of Alibaba.com, is also a shareholder in 91 Wireless, according to the statement.私募股权基金IDG拥有该公司10.39%的股份;新加坡淡马锡(Temasek)通过旗下祥峰集团(Vertex)持有5.71%的股份;香港电讯盈科(PCCW)董事长、亚洲首富李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)的次子李泽楷(Richard Li)通过盈科拓展(Pacific Century)持有4.14%的股份。声明称,阿里巴巴前首席执行官卫哲(David Wei)也是91无线的股东。Baidu’s purchase of 91 Wireless is a bold move by the group into mobile internet, an area considered more and more important as users shift from PCs to smartphones. The biggest Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba, is also rapidly developing its mobile internet business.百度收购91无线是该集团进入移动互联网的一个大胆举措。随着用户从个人电脑转向智能手机,移动互联网领域正被视为越来越重要。中国最大的电子商务公司阿里巴巴也在快速发展其移动互联网业务。The acquisition follows Baidu’s purchase of PPS Net TV’s internet business for 0m in May and online site iQiyi.com last year.在此之前,今年5月百度曾以3.7亿美元收购PPS网络电视互联网视频业务,去年收购了在线视频网站iQiyi.com。NetDragon said the disposal of 91 Wireless would enhance its earnings and broaden its capital base. But its shares dropped nearly 18 per cent to HK.88 in morning trading, as 91 Wireless is seen as part of its core business.网龙表示,出售91无线将增强其盈利,拓宽其资本基础。但在早盘交易中,网龙股价下跌到19.88港元,跌幅近18%,因为91无线被认为是其核心业务之一。 /201307/248360

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