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2018年03月22日 04:42:46

杭州牙科医院洗牙靠谱吗Vladimir Putin’s decision to pull Russian troops out of Syria hit the headlines around the world. But it should have been expected. Official statements said from the beginning that the operation would last only a limited time, that there would be no permanent extensive military presence, that the purpose was not to support Bashar al-Assad’s regime but to save the country’s statehood and that the future would have to be determined by the Syrian people through political talks. What they said then is actually happening. 俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)从叙利亚撤军的决定登上了世界各地的新闻头条。但这一决定本应在预料之中。俄罗斯官方声明从一开始就表示,此番军事行动只会持续有限时间,俄军不会在叙利亚建立永久、广泛的军事存在,其目的并非要持巴沙尔#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)政权,而是为了维护叙利亚的国家地位,这个国家的未来须由其人民通过政治谈判决定。他们当时所说的话现在真的在兑现So why now? The question of an exit strategy has been raised throughout the operation, and Mr Putin felt the time was right. Looking back, one can see why. The Syrian regime had had to be fortified because, Russia believed, the sp of radical Islam could be stopped only by strengthening statehood; the Syrian government is internationally recognised and Moscow had offered to help it. Russian aircraft bombed its opponents Isis and other militant groups but the mission took longer than planned because Syria’s army was less combat-y than expected. Eventually, the situation was reversed, allowing Russia to reduce its presence and its responsibility for the future. 那么,为什么现在撤军?何时撤军的问题贯穿于此次军事行动始终,而普京感觉现在时机到了。回顾过去,我们可以看到原因。叙利亚政权当时之所以必须得到巩固,是因为俄罗斯相信,要阻止激进伊斯兰教的蔓延,只能依靠加强叙利亚国家地位;当前的叙利亚政府得到国际认可,于是莫斯科向其伸出了援手。俄军战机轰炸了叙利亚政府的对手——“伊斯兰国ISIS)及其他激进组织——但行动时间超出了原定计划,因为叙利亚军队的作战能力比预想得要低。最终,战场上的局势出现了逆转,使俄罗斯可以减少其军事存在以及对叙利亚未来所负的责任What are the results? The Assad regime has been saved from collapse and increased the territory it controls. The change in the balance of forces on the ground has inspired hope for genuine talks; it is well known that some parties seriously consider political deals only when military victory becomes implausible. The opposition can no longer hope to win militarily, and neither can the regime after Russian troops leave. Syria needs profound reforms to recover a viable statehood and few in Moscow believe the present regime will last long without changes. Russia’s pullout is a signal to the Syrian authorities that it will not do their work for them. 俄军干预的结果如何?阿萨德政权免于倒台,并扩大了控制的版图。战场力量对比的变化激发了对于展开切实谈判的希望;众所周知,只有军事胜利变得无望时,各方才会认真考虑政治协议。反对派无法再指望能取得军事上的胜利,俄军撤出后,阿萨德政权也无法打垮反对派。叙利亚需要进行深刻的改革,以重建一个有效的全国性政权,莫斯科的决策者几乎都认为,如不进行改革,叙利亚现政权维持不了多久。俄罗斯的撤军向叙利亚当局发出一个信号——莫斯科不会越俎代庖Russia had started the operation under the slogan of combating Isis but this task became secondary and the war was essentially waged for Syria itself. The main question was whether statehood could recover as a sustainable, gov-ernable entity. The approach assumed any destruction of the administrative structure would be the result of the regime’s deposition and chaos could ensue. Still, efforts by Moscow in Syria and the US-led coalition in Iraq did stop the sp of Isis. To secure its defeat, more is needed. Air strikes are not enough; a ground campaign and ideally joint efforts by the regime and opposition must follow. This can be achieved only through a political process. 俄罗斯是在打击ISIS的口号下开始此番军事行动的,但这一任务已成为次要,这场仗本质上是为叙利亚本身而打的。当时的主要问题在于,叙利亚国家政权能否重建成为一个可持续、能治理的实体。这种看法认为,叙利亚政权倒台会导致国家行政架构不同程度的破坏,接着便会出现混乱。不过,莫斯科在叙利亚的行动,加上美国为首的联军在伊拉克的行动,的确阻止了ISIS的蔓延。为了确保打败ISIS,还需要更多的行动。只靠空袭还不够;地面行动必须跟上,最好还有叙利亚政权与反对派的联合行动。只有通过政治进程才能实现此类行动Can Mr Assad survive without Russia? It will not leave completely. There have been two recent similar situations. When the US pulled out of Iraq completely, the country fell apart and Isis emerged. When the US withdrew most of its troops from Afghanistan but left a serious military presence, it kept the country together despite all its problems. Russia should keep its military infrastructure and a contingent of forces in Syria to guarantee the regime will not collapse. Moscow has learnt its lessons. 没有俄罗斯的持,阿萨德能坚持下去吗?俄军不会完全撤离。我们曾见过两种相似的情形。美军全部撤出伊拉克后,伊拉克陷入了分崩离析,ISIS开始崛起。美国从阿富汗撤出了大部分军队,但在当地保留了一强大的军事存在,后者保了阿富汗的完整性,尽管这个国家也存在各种问题。俄罗斯应当在叙利亚保留军事基础设施以及一军事力量,以确保叙利亚政权不会倒台。莫斯科在这方面已经有过经验教训What are the political results? Russia has proved to be an influential international operator. The agenda for discussion with the west has widened. Before the Syria campaign, it focused mainly on the Ukraine peace process a peripheral issue compared with the Middle East. It would be naive to expect a “Ukraine for Syriabargain, but there is no doubt Moscow is taken more seriously than six months ago, and this will have an impact on the Ukrainian talks. 政治结局将如何?俄罗斯已被明是一个有影响力的国际事务参与者。与西方国家的谈判议程已经扩大。在对叙利亚进行军事干预前,俄罗斯主要聚焦于乌克兰和平进程——与中东相比只是一个边缘问题。期待一个“以乌克兰换叙利亚”的协议是不切实际的,但毫无疑问,比个月前,西方如今更加重视莫斯科,这将对乌克兰问题的谈判产生影响Do the Geneva peace talks have any future? That Russia is distancing itself from Mr Assad while not giving up on him is a positive sign. Syria will change, and Moscow will be able to interact not only with Assad’s regime but also with a broader array of actors. Coupled with intensive diplomatic efforts between Moscow, Washington and Riyadh, this will provide a chance for a settlement. 日内瓦和谈会有戏吗?俄罗斯在不放弃阿萨德的同时又与其保持距离,这是一个积极信号。叙利亚将发生变革,莫斯科将不但能与阿萨德政权互动,也能与更广泛的相关参与者互动。再加上莫斯科、华盛顿与利雅得之间密集的外交努力,这将为解决叙利亚问题提供新的契机。来 /201603/433262绍兴市中心医院牙科OutlierChina preventing India’s entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group, says US美国:中国阻止印度加入核供应国集团WASHINGTON: The outgoing Obama administration has lashed out at China for blocking India+ from becoming a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group and has described the Communist giant as an “outlierin America’s efforts to bring New Delhi on board the elite grouping.奥巴马政府抨击中国阻挠印度成为核供应国集团成员,将这个共产巨人形容为在美国致力于让新德里加入这一精英集团的过程中的“局外人”。“Clearly there is one outlier that needs to be addressed and that is China,said Nisha Desai Biswal, assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia.“显然,有一个局外人要解决,那就是中囀?”The US statement comes a week ahead of the Obama administration passing on the baton to the Trump administration .美国的这一声明适逢奥巴马当局将把政权交给特朗普当局的一周前。来 /201701/488710The Hong Kong government has threatened to take legal action against those advocating full separation from China, as it tries to deter growing support among young people for independence. 香港政府警告称,将对主张香港从中国彻底独立出来的人采取法律行动。目前,香港政府正在努力遏制年轻人当中不断增强的持独立的倾向The government of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory said in a statement that Hong Kong was “an inalienable partof China and that it would “take action according to the lawto uphold this position. 中国这块半自治领土的政府在一份声明中称,香港特别行政区是中华人民共和国“不可分离的部分”,对于“港独”言行,“政府将依法处理”“Any suggestion that Hong Kong should be independent or any movement to advocate such ‘independenceis against the Basic Law [the territory’s mini constitution], and will undermine the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong and impair the interest of the general public,it said. 声明称:“‘港独’言行违反《基本法》、危害香港稳定繁荣、损害广大香港市民的利益。The comments came after an activist said he wanted to launch an organisation called the Hong Kong National party, the latest in an expanding line-up of young campaigners calling for independence. 香港政府是在一名活动人士称想成立一个名为“香港民族党Hong Kong National party)的组织后发布上述声明的。香港现在有越来越多的年轻活动人士呼吁独立,这个党派是最新的一例Upset at the refusal of Beijing to grant Hong Kong democratic elections, thousands of activists occupied swaths of central Hong Kong during the Umbrella movement in 2014. 2014年,由于对中央拒绝答应香港实行民主选举感到失望,数千名活动人士发动了“雨伞”运动,占领香港市中心多个地段Tensions between the mainland and the former British colony have continued to escalate since then, with Beijing taking a tougher line towards Hong Kong and some democracy campaigners becoming more radical. 此后,中国内地与这块前英国殖民地之间的紧张关系持续升级,北京方面对香港采取了更强硬的态度,香港一些民主活动人士也变得更为激进A series of student union leaders have voiced their support for independence, previously a taboo, and a political activist who promotes the use of violence in defence of the rights of Hong Kongers won 15 per cent of the vote in a recent by-election. 许多学生会领袖纷纷发声持独立,而在以前,独立是一个禁忌词汇。在最近一次香港立法会补选中,一名持使用暴力手段维护港人权益的政治活动人士赢得5%的选票Although these remain fringe views, Beijing has been taken aback by the speed and extent of the radicalisation. 尽管这些仍属于非主流观点,但北京方面对香港激进思潮的发展速度和声势感到吃惊“The attempt by a very few people in Hong Kong to set up a ‘Hong Kong independenceorganisation undermines national sovereignty and security, jeopardises Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability and risks the fundamental interests of Hong Kong,said the Chinese government’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office. 中国国务院港澳办表示:“香港极少数人成立‘港独’组织的行为危害国家的主权、安全,危害香港的繁荣稳定,危害香港的根本利益。Albert Ho, a veteran pro-democracy lawmaker in Hong Kong, said young people were increasingly frustrated with the political deadlock in the city and saw calling for independence as one way to express this feeling. 香港资深的亲民主立法会议员何俊仁(Albert Ho)表示,年轻人对香港的政治僵局越来越感到失望,他们把要求独立视作表达这种情绪的一种方式Mr Ho, who is also a lawyer, said that under Hong Kong’s existing laws it was hard for the government to take action against people simply for expressing a view about the status of Hong Kong. 何俊仁还是一名律师。他表示,根据香港现行法律,如果有人只是单纯发表对香港地位的看法,政府很难对其采取法律行动Under the Basic Law, Hong Kong committed to enacting a law against secession and subversion but it dropped a previous attempt to do so after widesp opposition. 根据《基本法》,香港有权立法禁止任何分裂国家和颠覆中央人民政府的行为,但在遭到普遍反对后,香港放弃了此前的立法尝试The criminal ordinance on sedition, which originates from the colonial era, makes it an offence to “bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection againstthe government of Hong Kong. 有关煽动叛乱的刑事条例(起源于殖民时代),把“引起憎恨、藐视”香港政府或者激起对香港政府“叛离”的行为列为犯罪行为But Mr Ho said that under established legal principles in other common law jurisdictions, action would normally only be taken if there was an element of “inciting people to commit violence or civil disorder 但何俊仁表示,依据其他普通法司法管辖地的现有法律原则,一般而言,只有涉及“煽动他人使用暴力或煽动民众骚乱”的行为才可被追究法律责任The Hong Kong National party, which claimed that the government prevented it from registering as an official entity, said in a statement that “the Basic Law is a piece of evil law unauthorised by the citizens of Hong Kong, lacking any legitimacy 香港民族党称,香港政府阻止该党注册成为一个正式的实体。该党在一份声明中表示:“基本法乃未经香港公民授权之恶法,于香港没有认受性。It warned that any attempt to prosecute it would spark a backlash. “If the despot is unwise enough to actualise such absurdity, we are more than pleased to be the trigger of this crisis,it said. 香港民族党警告称,一旦控告该党将招致激烈反弹。“如独裁政权一意孤行,我党乐意成就此危机的出现。”来 /201604/435537兰溪市人民医院治疗烤瓷牙牙齿治疗种植牙多少钱

浙江省人民医院看牙齿美白的价格杭州防辐射服哪个牌子好With less than a month to go before the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump sent the first fundraising email of his entire campaign on Tuesday. The billionaire eccentric promised to personally match all contributions up to million.距离共和党全国代表大会只剩下不到一个月的时间,唐纳#8226;特朗普却1日发出了竞选以来首封筹款电子邮件。这位古怪的亿万富翁承诺将付出和筹得款项等额的私人资金,上限00万美元。The email comes a day after a campaign finance report showed that his campaign had just .3 million cash on hand entering June, putting him in the largest financial hole of any modern presidential candidate.在发出这封邮件的前一天,一份竞选财务报告显示,进入六月份后,特朗普的竞选资金余额只30万美元,这使他成为了资金缺口最大的现代总统竞选人。It is fairly late for a presumptive major party presidential nominee to be sending their first fundraising email. Fundraising pitches arent just useful to pull in money from small-dollar donors, but they also provide important data, enabling the candidate to maximize turnout and engagement from their most active supporters.对于一个主要政党的总统候选人而言,现在才发出第一封筹款邮件是有些迟了。筹款活动不但能从小额捐助人那里筹集到资金,而且还可以提供重要信息,让候选人能够最大限度地提高那些最积极的持者的投票率和参与度。The promise to match donations is also a long-used trope in political fundraising emails, but its impossible to know if campaigns actually deliver on such promises. There is no legal mechanism to ensure those promised matched funds will be donated, or that they even exist.承诺付出和筹得款项等额的私人资金是长期以来政治筹款邮件中使用的伎俩,但竞选人是否真的兑现了这一承诺是无法得知的。目前并没有法律机制去确保竞选人捐出自己承诺过的资金,也许承诺的捐款从来就是一纸空文。Trumps promise to match up to million in contributions should be viewed with skepticism, given that he has repeatedly promised to donate money to veterans groups and other assorted charities and then has either failed to pony up the funds or has only done so after being outed by the press.鉴于特朗普曾反复承诺要捐钱给老兵和其他各类慈善机构,但后来要么没有捐要么被媒体曝光后才捐,对于他这个200万美元的捐款承诺还是应该持有怀疑观点的。来 /201606/450603丽水烤瓷牙什么价位中国人民解放军第117医院黄黑牙烟渍牙价格

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