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泸州市人民医院看前牙后牙种植牙怎么样好吗四川牙齿矫正多少钱Following more than five-thousand people for ten years, the study observed how loneliness can sp through a group. Lonely people, it seems, transmit their sad, lonely feelings to people around them. What happens, according to the study, is that interacting with a lonely person can leave you with a negative feeling toward friendship generally. And so you’re more likely to have negative experiences with other friends, weakening social bonds. If loneliness is allowed to sp unchecked, it can destroy a social network. The best way to ward off this sort of lonely contagion is to pay more attention to people on the edges of a group. Reaching out to those who are shy or don’t fit in, and are therefore lonely, can make them feel less alone. And so they’re less likely to sp lonely feelings throughout the group.【生词注释】observe v. 观察transmit v. 传播interact v.交流,交往unchecked adj.未受制止的ward off 避开; 挡住contagion n.传染fit in 融入(群体)对5千多人进行10年的研究,研究观察寂寞是如何在群体中传播的。寂寞的人,看上去,会将他们的悲哀,孤独感觉传播给周围的人。根据研究表明,和一个孤独的人交往会使你对友谊产生消极的情绪。然后你和其他的朋友会有不越快的经理,消弱社会纽带。如果孤独不受阻止地传播,它会破坏社会关系网。阻止这种孤独蔓延的最好办法就是多关注处于群体边缘的人。接触那些因害羞或是不合群而感到孤独的人,这样会使他们感到不那么孤独。他们在群体中传播孤独的可能性也就变小了。201110/158597阆中市人民医院口腔修复口腔正畸怎么样好吗 Embryo bill: government confidentThe government is confident it can push through controversial legislation allowing research into hybrid human-animal embryos.Labour MPs may not have to vote against their conscience over the government’s controversial bill on embryo research, according to the health secretary Alan Johnson. He said he was confident and accommodation could be reached with Catholic MPs. Although he was convinced the Commons would still pass the bill. There has been mounting pressure for Labour MPs to be granted a free vote on the legislation, which would allow the creation of hybrid human-animal embryos, Keme Nzerem reports.Talking down the reported Cabinet rift over human animal embryos, the government today said it wouldn’t make MPs opposed to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill supports it. This compromise probably means allowing abstentions rather than a free vote, but this being Easter Sunday another leading Catholic added his voice to the clamour.“Well, there are some aspects of this bill, in which I believe there ought to be, a free vote, and because Catholics and others will want to vote according to their conscience, so I don't think it should be subject to the party whip.The Health Secretary was today summarily dispatched to set the record straight. “The real issue”, he says “is not religious morality, or even party leadership, but about keeping Britain at the forefront of finding cures for diseases like Parkinson's and diabetes.So the bottomline is if only these people understood the science behind this and there would be no wrong.“Oh I don’t think there is any doubt. But if people understand the complex issues here, they’ll support the bill. We’ve been 3 years discussing this. We had a public consultation, pre-legislative scrutiny, a joint committee of both Houses. There’s never been a bill that’s been scrutinized so much and I don’t think there’s any doubt that this would have enjoyed the majority’s support. The issue for those people who do have very deep conscience, or issues of conscience whether because they are faithful or because of other ethical or moral reasons, we have to respect and we will respect them.”“Fundamentally, this is a question of whether you think that a microscopic early human-embryo has the same rights as a grown human being with a serious disease.”And the number of Labour MPs who are prepared to defy their whips and vote no is ought to be only in the teens. It’s hardly enough to assail the government’s working majority of 67.Now even if the goverments allow the free vote, it’s unlikely that more than 40 or 50 Labour MPs would rebel. And when you take into account Liberal Demo and Tory supports of over around 100, then you'll look at the Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill passing easily. A hundred and fifty votes or so. So why you may well ask, all the fuss? Well, one Labour Cabinet member told me today, it’s all about control, adding---it’s a very necessary part-off control.Why? Because creating guidelines for these controversial human-animal embryos,this meant to be flagship legislation in this parliament. But the goverment is worried, finding that control of both the debate...Abstention is a formal act of not voting either for or against a proposal.A whip is a notice which tells the members of a political party in parliament that it is important for them to vote in a particular way on an important issueIn Britain, a Tory politician or voter is a member of or votes for the Conservative Party.200810/54534广安瓷嵌体的费用

新津县瓷嵌体去哪里医院好Obama Warns of Greater Darfur Crisis美警告达尔富尔或现更重人道危机 U.S. President Barack Obama is warning of an even greater humanitarian crisis in Sudan's troubled Darfur region. The fate of the people of Darfur dominated his talks at the White House with ed Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. 美国总统奥巴马警告说,苏丹动乱的达尔富尔地区可能会出现更严重的人道主义危机。达尔富尔问题是奥巴马总统在白宫与联合国秘书长潘基文会谈的重点。The meeting took place just days after the International Criminal Court said it will seek the arrest of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for alleged war crimes. 这次会晤是在国际刑事法庭表示将寻求以战争罪逮捕苏丹总统巴希尔后的几天进行的。President Obama says since then, the situation in Darfur has gotten worse. 奥巴马总统说,自那以来,达尔富尔的局势进一步恶化了。"The Khartoum government has kicked out some of the most important non-governmental organizations that provide direct humanitarian aid to millions of people," said President Obama. 他说:“喀土穆政府把为数百万人提供直接人道援助的一些最重要的非政府组织赶出来了。”Speaking to reporters at the end of his meeting with Ban Ki-moon, the president said too many lives have been placed at risk. 奥巴马总统在结束与潘基文会晤之后对记者说,有太多的人面临生命危险。"We have a potential crisis of even greater dimensions than what we aly saw," said Mr. Obama. 他说:“有可能出现比我们已经看到的更严重的危机。”President Obama said it is important for the international community to send a strong unified message to Khartoum that this growing humanitarian crisis is unacceptable. 奥巴马总统指出,重要的是,国际社会应当向喀土穆政府传递一个强有力的和口径一致的信息,表明目前这种不断加深的人道主义危机是不可接受的。He said the ed States wants to work actively with the ed Nations to help solve this crisis and put Sudan on the path to long term peace and stability. 奥巴马说,美国希望与联合国积极合作,帮助解决危机,使苏丹走上长期和平与稳定的道路。"It is something that we care about deeply and we are hopeful that we can make some significant progress," he said. 他说:“我们非常关心这个问题,我们希望能够取得一些重大的进展。”The president and the secretary general also discussed climate change, Afghanistan and Haiti. 奥巴马总统和潘基文秘书长还讨论了气候变化以及阿富汗和海地等问题。Mr. Ban came to Washington from Port-au-Prince, where he urged political and economic reforms in one of the world's poorest nations. 潘基文是从海地首都太子港来到华盛顿的,他在海地敦促这个世界上最贫穷的国家之一进行政治和经济改革。He said Haiti is one of many challenges now before world leaders. 潘基文指出,海地是世界领导人面临的许多挑战中的一个。"I think the year is a make or break year, full of crises on many fronts for the ed Nations, for the ed States and the whole international community as a whole," said Ban Ki-moon. 潘基文说:“我认为年是一个关系成败的年份,联合国、美国和整个国际社会在许多领域都面临危机。”This was the first formal meeting between the two men. And both stressed their determination to work together. They will meet again in a few weeks at an international financial summit in London. 这是奥巴马总统和潘基文秘书长的第一次正式会晤。两位领导人都强调他们决心共同合作。几个星期后,他们将在伦敦召开的一次国际金融峰会上再次会晤。03/64366金牛区牙列不齐双颌前突多少钱 Obama, McCain Make Appeals to Undecided Voters奥巴马欲保领先 麦凯恩力争反弹 Democrat Barack Obama is trying to hold his lead in the U.S. presidential race in the final days, while Republican John McCain is looking for anything that might give him a last-minute bump in the polls. Presidential campaign that has only five days remaining. 离美国总统大选投票仅有5天了, 民主党候选人奥巴马试图在竞选的最后几天保持他的领先优势。与此同时,共和党参议员麦凯恩正在寻找任何能够让他在最后一分钟的民调中反弹的机会。As the 2008 presidential campaign begins to draw to a close, most of the battles are being fought in states that have generally voted Republican in recent years, and that is an advantage for Senator Barack Obama. 随著2008年总统竞选活动即将落下帷幕,大多数的选战集中在近年来作为共和党票仓的几个州。这对于参议员奥巴马来说正是求之不得。Obama campaigned Thursday in Florida, where polls show he is in a close race with Senator McCain. 奥巴马周四在佛罗里达州竞选,那里的民调显示,他和参议员麦凯恩不分伯仲。Republicans generally count on Florida as a must-win state in the state-by-state battle to accumulate the 270 electoral votes necessary to claim the White House. 共和党人普遍指望,要想在逐州的征战中积累270张选举人票问鼎白宫,佛罗里达州是一个势在必得的州。Obama told a rally that President Bush has driven the U.S. economy into a ditch, and that Republican John McCain would keep it there if he won. 奥巴马对一个集会说,布什总统让美国经济陷入低谷,而且共和党参议员麦凯恩如果当选,美国经济将继续陷在里面。Obama also accused McCain of offering little more than attacks in the final days of the campaign.  奥巴马还指责麦凯恩在最后几天的选战活动中除了加强攻击之外玩不出别的花样。If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as somebody people should be afraid of," Obama said. "You make big elections about small things. Well, Florida, we are here to say, not this time. Not this year. Not with so much at stake. John McCain might be worried about losing an election, but I'm worried about you losing your job and losing your house!" 奥巴马说:“如果你没有什么功绩来竞选,那么你只好把你的对手刻划成一个人们应该感到恐惧的人。你让一些枝微末节的小事来冲淡了这场重大的选举。那么,佛罗里达,我们在这里说,这次不能如此。今年不能再如此。我们有太多的利害攸关。约翰·麦凯恩可能担心的是他会失去选举,但我担心你失去你的工作,失去你的房子!”Obama was back on the campaign trail one day after campaigning with former President Bill Clinton, and after spending millions of dollars to air a 30-minute prime time ad on several national TV networks. 在奥巴马恢复巡回竞选的前一天,他和美国前总统比尔·克林顿一起参加竞选集会,并花费数百万美元在数个全国性电视网络购买了30分钟的黄金时间作竞选广告。Republican John McCain meanwhile is running short of time, money and possibly support in the final days of the campaign. 共和党参议员麦凯恩在竞选方面时间已经不够,金钱也短缺,在最后几天内可能也缺乏持。McCain looked for a pre-election revival at a rally Thursday in the appropriately named town of Defiance, Ohio. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio, going back to Abraham Lincoln in 1860. 麦凯恩上个星期四在俄亥俄州迪法因市举行竞选集会试图重振旗鼓。这个城镇的名字翻成中文就是“抗争”,这和麦凯恩竞选活动的现状非常贴切。没有任何一位共和党总统可以在不赢俄亥俄州的情况下当选总统,这可以追溯到1860年林肯进行竞选的情况。Like Obama, McCain kept his focus on the economy and continued his attack on Obama's tax plan, which he said would amount to a redistribution of wealth from rich to poor.  和奥巴马一样,麦凯恩也把竞选的重点放在经济上,他并且继续攻击奥巴马的税收计划,他说,奥巴马的经济计划等于是劫富济贫。"Senator Obama is running to be 'redistributionist in chief'," McCain said. "I'm running to be commander in chief! Senator Obama is running to sp the wealth. I'm running to create more wealth!" 麦凯恩说:“参议员奥巴马竞选是要当重新分配财富的司令。我竞选是要当美国军队总司令!奥巴马参议员竞选是为了散发财富。我竞选是为了创造更多的财富!”McCain also attacked Obama on foreign policy, saying the Illinois senator lacks what it takes to protect the country from terrorists. 麦凯恩还攻击奥巴马的外交政策。他说,这位伊利诺伊州的参议员不知道需要采取哪些措施来保护美国免受恐怖分子的攻击。McCain continues to trail Obama by an average of about six points in national polls. Obama also leads McCain or is tied with him in several key states that will provide the margin of victory on Tuesday. 麦凯恩在全国民调中继续落后奥巴马平均约6个百分点。奥巴马也在下星期二投票选举中能够产生胜差的几个关键州和麦凯恩并驾齐驱。However, Obama's lead in some states like Virginia and Indiana may be narrowing. 然而,奥巴马的领先优势在维吉尼亚和印地安那等州可能正在缩小。American University presidential historian Allan Lichtman says McCain could help himself with undecided voters by returning to the more moderate tone of his first presidential campaign eight years ago. "I think he can make some headway," Lichtman said. "I don't think he can turn around the election. But my advice to Senator McCain is fire the consultants, fire the handlers, fire the speechwriters. Get rid of them all and spend the rest of the campaign being the McCain you were in 2000." Meanwhile, McCain's vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is hinting that she intends to remain active in national politics win or lose on Election Day.Palin was asked on A's Good Morning America if she was bothered by the sharp criticism she has received from the Democrats. "I think that if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we have taken, I'm not doing this for naught! No, we are going to progress," Palin said. "We are going to keep going forward. So, it is all worth it and I'm not complaining about any of it." Palin has energized social conservatives but alienated some moderates who question her iness to be president should something happen to John McCain, who is 72, and would be the oldest person ever elected to a first term as president.200810/54599内江市第六人民医院治疗口腔种植牙齿美容多少钱

成都种植牙烤瓷牙专家Obama answers iReporter Pres. Obama answers a question from iReporter Guy Watson. I've received a lot of questions from CNN, iReporter, so went to our website, they wanna ask you question directly. This one was from Guy Watson in Albuquerque. My question is why have you chosen to give our tax money to the banks, without holding them responsible or forcing them to lower their rates for startups and to facilitate refinancing of, foreclosing homes. You hear that a lot. I do. And I think it's important to understand, first of all that the so-called bank bailout started before we came in. I actually think it was the right thing to do in a crisis we had to make sure that you didn't have a complete meltdown, which would have been even worse. And I've said in the past I supported President Bush's decision to move forward on that. Once we got them in a place where they were not longer in crisis, the problem was things were put together so quickly last year that there weren’t as many strings attached as we have liked, and so what we've tried to is to create some structures after the effect, that would impose more accountability, more discipline. You known the most obvious example would be the rules on executive pay. But it's always hard to do, particularly when a lot of these banks now get well and then just pay the money back and so we now not longer have leverage. This is why I think it's so important moving forward to make sure that we got a financial regulatory framework that protects consumers, make sure that they are not getting gouged, make sure that there is a lot of clarity in terms of mortgages they are getting. In the meantime, just on an emergency basis, we are tying to do everything we can to poke, prod, incentivize banks to help responsible homeowners who through no fault of their own are finding very tough for them to pay for their mortgage, to make sure that businesses are getting loans. We've massively expanded small businesses lending through the SBA. Those are all steps we've taken, but look, I understand people's frustrations. I mean the American people have gone through a very tough year, and you know, my job as president is to help navigate through this tough year. And you know people who don't have a job right now, people who have lost their home, you know, I've been mad too, and they expect me to do something about it. And you know, my job is to within the institutional constraints that I have and the resources constraints that we have because we also inherited a structural deficits of several trillion dollars to try to make the best decisions possible to help as many people as possible.SBA Small Business Administration 小型企业12/90911 Bacteria and behaviour细菌和行为学Gut instinct肠道反应 Tantalising evidence that intestinal bacteria can influence mood逗引的据表明,肠道细菌可以影响人的情绪Sep 3rd 2011 | from the print edition A GOOD way to make yourself unpopular at dinner parties is to point out that a typical person is, from a microbiologist’s perspective, a walking, talking Petri dish. An extraordinary profusion of microscopic critters inhabit every crack and crevice of the typical human, so many that they probably outnumber the cells of the body upon and within which they dwell.一个让你自己在晚宴上不受欢迎的好方式就是,从微生物学家的角度指出,一位有代表性的人就是一个会走动并会说话的皮氏培养皿。每位有代表性的人的裂纹和缝隙里生活着无数的微小生物,它们的数目如此之多可能超过它们所依靠并栖息的人体细胞。Happily, these microbes are mostly harmless. Some of them, particularly those that live in the gut, are positively beneficial, helping with digestion and keeping the intestines in good working order. That is no surprise—bacteria as much as people have an interest in keeping their homes in sound condition. What is surprising is the small but growing body of evidence which suggests that bacteria dwelling in the gut can affect the brain, too, and thereby influence an individual’s mood and behaviour. The most recent paper on the topic, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reports (like much of the research in this field) on results in mice.幸运地是,这些微生物大部分都是无害的。其中一些,特别是那些生活在消化道里的微生物,实际上是有益的,不仅有助于消化还保持肠道良好的工作秩序。这毫不奇怪——细菌和人一样也喜欢保持家园状态完好。奇怪的是,虽然数量不多,但越来越多的据表明,生活在肠道的细菌也可能影响大脑,继而影响个人的情绪和行为。本周有关该主题的论文刊登在《美国国家科学院院刊》的一篇文章报道(像这个领域的许多研究一样)了应用小鼠的实验结果。The researchers, led by Javier Bravo of University College, Cork, split their rodent subjects into two groups. One lot were fed a special broth containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a gut-dwelling bacterium often found in yogurt and other dairy products. The others were fed an ordinary diet, not fortified with microbes.科克大学学院的哈维尔#8226;布拉沃(Javier Bravo)带领下的研究人员将这些啮齿目动物分成两组。一组以一种在酸奶和其它乳制品中经常发现的含乳酸杆菌属鼠李糖乳杆菌(学名为Lactobacillus rhamnosus)的特别液体培养基喂食。另一组则以不用微生物强化的一般食物喂食。The team then subjected the mice to a battery of tests that are used routinely to measure the emotional states of rodents. Most (though not all) of these tests showed significant differences between the two groups of animals.然后,研究组人员对小鼠进行了一套测试。这套测试经常用于衡量啮齿类动物的情感状态。大部分(虽然不是所有的)测试表明,两组动物之间有着显著的不同。201109/152865郫县妇幼保健院看牙龈出血牙齿松动价格武侯区口腔医院哪家好



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