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曲 靖 玻 尿 酸 注 射曲 靖 市 开 内 眼 角 的 费 用Chinese Airbnb rival Xiaozhu was valued by investors at 0m in a fundraising round last year, reflecting high hopes for the country’s home-sharing sector and prompting takeover interest from the Silicon Valley company.在去年一轮募资中,投资者对小猪短租(Xiaozhu)的估值在3亿美元,可见他们对中国住宿分享行业抱着多大的希望,同时也激起了硅谷同行公司Airbnb对小猪短租的收购兴趣。But Kelvin Chen, the Chinese tech veteran who is Xiaozhu’s co-founder and chief executive, has bad memories of excessive overseas management after a previous US buyout.但在中国科技行业浸淫多年的陈驰(Kelvin Chen)对于中国公司被美资收购后外方的过度管理却有着不好的回忆,他是小猪短租的联合创始人及首席执行官。“If we wanted to hire a single person, we would need approval from HR three months in advance but, in the same time, our competitors could grow from a staff of 200 to 1,000,” Mr Chen says of his time at travel site Kuxun, owned by TripAdvisor from 2009-15.谈到他在旅游网站酷讯(Kuxun)呆过的时光,陈驰说道:“在那里如果我们想招一个人,我们需要提前3个月获得人事部门批准,而这个时候我们的竞争对手可能已经把员工数量从200名增加到了1000名。”酷讯在2009年至2015年期间由TripAdvisor所有。Xiaozhu boasts 100,000 listings in China, making it the second biggest home-sharing service in a country where travellers make 4bn trips each year. Tujia, a Chinese company that links property developers with short-term renters, was valued at bn and has 400,000 listings.小猪短租声称在中国拥有10万套房源,在每年旅游人次有40个亿的中国,它算是规模第二大的住宿分享务公司。将房地产开发商与短租客联系起来的途家(Tujia)估值为10亿美元,拥有40万套房源。Airbnb currently lists around 75,000 properties in China, and has partnered with internet giant Alibaba to make mobile payments easier for Chinese users. It plans to double its listings, investment and spending over the next year.Airbnb目前在中国约有7.5万套房源,并通过与互联网巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)合作,让其中国用户能够更方便地使用移动付。Airbnb计划未来一年将其房源数量、投资和出均翻一番。Investors are betting that the Chinese government will back the “sharing economy” as a source of growth as old drivers such as heavy manufacturing and property slow.投资者相信,随着重工业、房地产行业等旧经济引擎放缓,中国政府将持“分享经济”,把它作为一个增长来源。Participation in the sharing economy — renting out belongings once thought of as personal — is now within the reach of China’s middle class. “Thirty years ago, we had nothing to share. Now Chinese people have extra cars, extra space,” says Mr Chen.中国中产阶层已具备参与分享经济(将曾经被视为私人财产的东西出租给别人)的能力。陈驰表示:“30年前,我们没有东西可以分享。如今,中国人有了多余的汽车、多余的空间。”Li Keqiang, China’s premier, told a Davos forum last year that “the sharing economy means entrepreneurship for the masses”. Beijing has tolerated the rapid growth of car-booking apps to a greater degree than many western countries, despite fierce resistance from the country’s state-linked taxi providers. China’s flexibility towards the disruptive sector is “greater than what we see in foreign countries”, Mr Chen says.中国国务院总理李克强在去年一次达沃斯(Davos)论坛上表示,“分享经济意味着大众创业”。中国对叫车应用的快速发展采取了比许多西方国家更为宽容的态度,尽管与政府有关联的出租车公司强烈抵制。陈驰指出,中国对颠覆性行业的灵活性“超过我们在外国看到的程度”。Mr Chen predicts pushback from hotels should be less fierce, as the sector is used to competition. But he admits that Chinese officials — who insist that travellers have their identity cards scanned and sent to local police every time they check into a hotel — might be wary about loss of control. “China is a little special in this regard,” he says.陈驰预计来自酒店的阻力应该不会那么大,因为这个行业习惯了竞争。但他承认,中国官员可能会比较担心失去控制。(官方规定在游客入住酒店时必须扫描身份并上传至当地公安系统。)他表示:“在这方面,中国有点特殊。”In an attempt to ease concerns, Xiaozhu hosts are encouraged to use the company’s mobile app to scan a guest’s identity card upon arrival. Although the information is not automatically sent to local authorities, they can access it in the event of security incidents. The company wants to start supplying hosts with “smart locks” that can the cards without the host being present.为了缓解这些担忧,小猪短租鼓励房东使用该公司的手机应用在客人入住时扫描身份。尽管扫描信息不会自动上传至当地公安机关,但一旦发生安全事件,警方可以获取这些信息。小猪短租正要开始向房东供应“智能锁”,可以在房东不在场的情况下读取房卡。On Wednesday, Airbnb started storing bookings and listings data on Chinese servers, to comply with a restrictive cyber security law that requires operators of “critical information infrastructure” to store data in China and assist government security agencies.上周三,Airbnb开始在中国务器上存储订房信息和房源数据,以遵守网络安全法的有关规定,即“关键信息基础设施”的经营者必须在中国存储数据并协助政府安全部门的工作。For now, Xiaozhu exists in a grey zone marked out by its semi-formal arrangements with the government. “There has not been any clear law supervising [house-sharing]. For now, the way we do it is more of a result of negotiation,” says Tarry Wang, Xiaozhu’s chief operating officer.与政府的非正式约定给小猪短租划出了其所生存的灰色区域。“还没有任何清晰的法律来监督(住宿分享务)。目前我们做这个的方式更多取决于协商的结果。”小猪首席运营官王连涛(Tarry Wang)表示。But analysts expect tighter regulation. “The government’s usual approach is to step back and let the market develop. Then, once a handful of players achieve significant traction and demonstrate a successful mechanism for meeting regulatory requirements, you start licensing the top players and weed out the rest,” says Mark Natkin at Marbridge Consulting, an advisory group.但分析人士预计监管将会收紧。北京迈瑞咨询(Marbridge Consulting)的马克.纳特金(Mark Natkin)表示:“政府通常的做法是退一步,让市场发展。然后一旦有一小撮参与者引起了瞩目,并展示出一套符合监管要求的成功机制,政府就会向最优秀的参与者发放牌照,让其他参与者出局。”When Mr Chen considers the prospect of regulators swooping in and stifling the sector, he finds solace in a Shanghai wonton shop championed last month by Mr Li. The premier stepped in to defend the humble stall as an example of “grassroots entrepreneurship”, rebuffing zealous bureaucrats who had ordered it to close because it lacked a licence.在陈驰考虑监管机构介入并压制行业发展的可能性之时,李克强上月对上海一家馄饨铺的持让他感到安慰。李克强称这个小店是“草根创业”的典范,反驳了一帮因为该店无照营业而责令其关门的积极官员们。“From this small event we can see that the Chinese government, when it comes to reform and regulation, China is not quite [as strict] as the outside world thinks,” Mr Chen says.陈驰表示:“从这件小事我们可以看出,在涉及到改革和监管方面,中国政府不太像外界想的那样(严格)。” /201612/482624云 南 省 曲 靖 激 光 治 疗 鸡 眼 多 少 钱 曲 靖 市 第 二 人 民 医 院 玻 尿 酸 隆 鼻 多 少 钱

曲 靖 如 何 去 斑US private equity firm KKR plans to sell SMCP to China’s Shandong Ruyi in a deal that values the French fashion group at 1.3bn including debt, according to people familiar with the matter. 知情人士称,美国私人股本公司KKR计划将SMCP出售给中国的山东如意,这笔交易对上述法国时尚集团估值13亿欧元(包括债务)。 The owner of the Sandro and Claudie Pierlot brands would become the latest European luxury target to fall into Chinese hands under an arrangement that would see the textile manufacturer buy KKR’s majority stake in SMCP. 拥有桑德罗(Sandro)和Claudie Pierlot等品牌的SMCP,将成为最新一个落入中资囊中的欧洲奢侈品目标。根据交易安排,身为纺织品制造商的山东如意将买下KKR在SMCP所持的多数股权。 The deal, expected to be announced today, would mark an abrupt reversal of plans for KKR. It said this month that it planned to list SMCP on the Paris stock exchange as early as this summer. 预计今日宣布的这笔交易,将标志着KKR的计划发生突变。它在3月早些时候曾表示,计划最早于今年夏天将SMCP在巴黎券交易所上市。 KKR declined to comment. The New York-based private equity group bought 65 per cent of SMCP three years ago from L Capital, the private-equity investing arm of French luxury group LVMH, and Florac, another buyout group, in a deal that valued SMCP at about 650m including debt. KKR拒绝置评。总部位于纽约的这家私人股本集团在三年前收购SMCP的65%股份,卖家是法国奢侈品集团路威酩轩(LVMH)的私人股本投资部门L Capital以及另一家收购集团Florac,那笔交易对SMCP估值6.5亿欧元(包括债务)。 The deal is the latest international foray by Shandong Ruyi, which in 2012 led an international consortium to buy Cubbie Station, an Australian cotton farm, for 2m. It had been in talks with SMCP before the flotation plans. 这笔交易是山东如意最新的境外收购行动。2012年,该公司曾牵头一个国际财团以2.32亿美元买下澳大利亚库比棉花农场(Cubbie Station)。该公司在SMCP上市计划出炉之前就开始与SMCP洽谈。 SMCP has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years as its labels tapped in to the accessible luxury market. SMCP近年享有快速增长,旗下品牌打入轻奢市场。 The group now has more than 1,100 stores worldwide including a recent expansion into Hong Kong and mainland China to cater to the region’s fast-growing middle classes. 该集团目前在世界各地拥有1100多家门店,包括最近扩张进入香港和中国内地,迎合该地区快速发展壮大的中产阶层。 The group was founded by Evelyne Chétrite and Judit Milgrom, two sisters. Ms Chétrite began Sandro, which dresses young executives, in the late 1980s. Mrs Milgrom founded Maje, which targets urban teenagers. The two acquired Claudie Pierlot in 2009. 该集团由埃弗利娜#8226;谢特里特(Evelyne Chétrite)和朱迪丝#8226;米尔格龙(Judith Milgrom)两创立。谢特里特在上世纪80年代后期创立桑德罗,推出面向年轻高管的女装。米尔格龙创立Maje,瞄准城市青少年。2009年,两收购Claudie Pierlot。 According to the registration statement SMCP filed ahead of its planned IPO, the two founders own a little more than 21 per cent of the group, and 14.6 per cent of the voting rights. KKR owns 69.8 per cent, and 78.8 per cent of voting rights. 根据SMCP在原计划的首次公开发行(IPO)之前提交的登记声明,两位创始人如今拥有集团略高于21%的股权,以及14.6%的投票权。KKR拥有69.8%的股权,以及78.8%的投票权。 Group earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (ebitda) last year were 107m, 44 per cent up on a year earlier. Revenues were 675m, 33 per cent more than in 2014. 集团去年的息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)为1.07亿欧元,较上年增长44%。营收为6.75亿欧元,比2014年高出33%。 Daniel Lalonde, SMCP’s chief executive, said at the time of the IPO registration filing that the listing would include a capital increase of 150m — 175m. He also said that the money raised would help reduce its 290m debt. SMCP首席执行官丹尼尔#8226;拉隆德(Daniel Lalonde)在提交IPO登记声明时表示,上市将包括1.50亿至1.75亿欧元的增资。他还说,筹资所得将帮助减少该集团2.9亿欧元的债务。 The prior negotiations between KKR and Shandong Ruyi reportedly broke down over the price but also over the amount that the founding sisters would be prepared to sell of their stake. The people familiar with this week’s planned sale announcement said it will see the sisters retain a stake in the group. 据报道,KKR和山东如意之前进行的谈判曾经破裂,原因既涉及价码,也包括创始愿意出售多少股权。熟悉本周拟宣布的交易的人士称,两将保留一部分集团股份。 /201603/434376曲靖/腋下除毛 曲靖/医院疤痕修复

曲 靖 改 脸 型 多 少 钱I am a Vietnamese. I love China. A lot of Vietnamese people do not like China because ( politics here ) Chinese goverment is aggressive on our Sea and doesn’t respect our small country.我是一个越南人,我爱中国。许多越南人不喜欢中国(这里谈一下政治)是因为中国政府在我们的海域富有侵略性,不尊重我们小的国家。I love China because I have watched a lot of chinese films. Chinese films are interesting like Three kingdoms The Swordsman…我爱中国,我看过很多中国电影。中国电影很有趣,像《三国演义》和《笑傲江湖》等等。Chinese musics are good.中国的音乐也很不错。We share many similarities with China like Tet(the Vietnamese lunar new year celebration) worshipping ancestors Confucius’ s teachings…我们与中国有许多相似之处,比如在越南的农历新年期间祭拜祖先孔子的教诲…China and Vietnam are neighbours asian countries. Why do we hate china when we love peace? If China wants to make ours as their enemies( invading our land) then it is their job forcing us to do something.中国和越南是一衣带水的亚洲邻邦。我们为什么在热爱和平的时期讨厌中国?如果中国想使我们成为他们的敌人(入侵我们的土地),他们会迫使我们专心去做一件事(反抗)。It is better to unite and to love than to hate. China and Vietnam will get big gains when China and Vietnam buy and sell goods to each others.团结和热爱总比仇恨要好,中国和越南的往来贸易将会使双方利益最大化。I love a lot of Chinese girls Zhu lin…. They are beautiful.我喜欢很多的中国女孩,比如朱琳(在85年版《西游记》中扮演女儿国国王),她们是美丽的。Chinese people are ambitious smart competitive practical hard-working… I love them.中国人雄心勃勃,聪明,竞争,实际,勤奋……我爱他们。Chinese goverment is greedy smart calculating ahead… But Chinese people are good. Why hate chinese people?中国政府贪婪精明,但中国人很好。我们为什么讨厌中国人?A lot of chinese people live in Vietnam a lot of vietnamese people live in China.中越两国有不少人们住在对方国家。Who will win a war between Vietnam and China? US and western countries. A war will cost much to two countries.谁将总中越战争中收益?是美国和西方国家。中越的战争将使两国耗资巨大。A war is our worst enemy. Hatred could lead to a war.战争是我们最恨的敌人。仇恨可能导致一场战争。I think Chinese people are wise enough not to make us as their enemies.我认为中国人民足够智慧,避免我们成为他们的敌人。And a lot of Vietnamese people love China. We and chinese people are asian people.和很多越南人喜欢中国。我们和中国人都是亚细亚子民。I am glad to see that China will be the pride of Asia in the near future.我很高兴地看到,中国将在不久的将来会成为亚洲的骄傲。 /201701/486761 曲靖/开内眼角手术价格曲 靖 溶 脂 针

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