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听讲美国口语 Lesson 19 /200607/811072 books words author autobiography novel non-fiction hardback paperback volume publisher page spine introduction preface chapter encyclopaedia margin book review dedication acknowledements textbook picture sci-fi illustration graphs inspired by co-written by atlas a classic horror dictionary thriller cookbook bestseller phrases cover design publishing house detective story be based on a true story a collection of short stories/poems can’t put it down …from cover to cover beginner a: what are you ing? B: oh, it’s the latest novel by ray blune. It’s a sic-fi thriller. A; I thought he usually wrote horror books. B: he does. He’s good at this genre too. It’s a captivating . A; we’re going to the bookshop. Would you like to join us? B; yes, I would. I need to buy a textbook for my course and, as you know, I love browsing through the latest paperbacks. A: me too. I need something to on the flight to new york. I can never sleep on planes. Sarah wants to pick up some children’s books for her daughter. B: I want to look at nelson mandela’s autobiography. A: this is sure to be a worthwhile . Intermediate A: good morning. I’m from the new york book review. Could I ask you some question about your latest book? B: sure. Take a seat… what would you like to know? A; first, I’ve heard that your latest book is based on a true story. B; that’s correct. It’s a murder mystery based on actual murders that book place in florida several years ago. The main character-the police invesigator-is based on the man who investigated the case. A: how do you research your books? B: I always visit the places that I use as setting for stories. Readers like things to be as factually correct as possible-even in fiction! I usually base my characters on people I have met. Most character are a mixture of the characters of two or more people. A; I really like your books. I’ve just finished this one. I it from cover to cover in a single day. Congratulation on making the bestseller list yet again! B; thank you. Let met sign it for you …there you go. A; oh! Thank you very much. I heard that you are currently writing a collection of short stories. What are the stories about? B: there’s a real mix of stories in the book. I haven’t finished all of them yet, though. Many of them are short detective stories, but there are also horror stories and sci-fi ones. If you give me your business card, I’ll make sure you get an advance copy to review. A; thanks very much. I’m sure it will sell well. I can’t wait to it. Here’s my card. Thank you for you time. /200705/137444.0 yards per carry and 1600 receiving yards your senior year When I graduated from Stanford, my father, grandfather crowded around me. 你高中最后一年4.0的平均冲球码数和1600的接球总码数我从斯坦福毕业时 我父亲 祖父围着我They grabbed the program and they said I see you didnt graduate magna cum laude. 他们拿起毕业书说我看到你没有以极优等成绩毕业You didnt graduate summa cum laude You just graduated thank you, Lordy. Im out of here. 没有以最优等成绩毕业你只是普通毕业 我没脸待在这里了And here I am at Yale coming to my graduation, my final graduation. 后来我读耶鲁最后一次参加自己的毕业典礼My father walks out to me and says, its about time boy youve got more degrees in the month of July and youre not hot. 我父亲跑来跟我说 是时候了 儿子你在七月份获得了更多的学位 但没有公司抢着要你Get a job And the sad thing is. 找份工作去最为悲催的是As a politician, my father still looks at me and says, get a job And so my parents have their stories, 2 of which I want to share with you. 作为政治人物 我父亲仍然对我说 找份工作去我的父母有他们的故事 我想同你们分享两个And then Im done about vision and please understand that when my mom, my sweet mother, my sweet grandmother. 这样我就把异象讲清楚了请大家理解 我亲切的母亲 亲切的祖母When they tell a story, they each have a pension, for accuracy and detail When they tell me a story, even if ive heard it before. 讲故事时都非常在意准确和细节她们讲故事时 哪怕故事我原来听过I pay attention because Im gonna learn something and get another fact. 我也会集中注意力因为我总能学到新知识When my father and my grandfather, 2 extraordinary man I loved them dearly but when they tell a story. 而我父亲和祖父 这两位我深爱的杰出人士他们讲故事时They have a pension for hyperbole and exaggeration Their stories gets so dramatic. 则非常在意夸张和夸大他们的故事非常具有戏剧性My father I tell you, he says, son, I was born poor Now you would heckle me if I said that. 我父亲他说 儿子 我出生时很穷现在我如果这么说 你可以诘问我Dont you tell those people I was poor because I was just po, p-o, I couldnt afford the other 2 letters. 别告诉别人说我很穷因为我只是po 我负担不起poor的另外两个字母And Im telling you though weather changed over the times, he tells stories. 我告诉你们他讲的故事中 天气总会不断变化Every single story was a storm, but then eventually the hail began. 他讲的每个故事都是一场风暴 但最后冰雹开始下落And Im telling you the hail moved from every single ball a sport has. 而且我告诉你们冰雹会经历体育中各种球的大小It was first the hail of the size of golf balls then the hail of the size of base balls. 首先高尔夫球那么大的冰雹然后是垒球那么大的冰雹201611/476794And this roughly translates: ;Please, let me hold your hand.这段诗大致的翻译是:请让我牵你的手I want to hold your hand. I want to hold your hand.我想牵着你的手。我想牵着你的手And when I touch you, I feel happy inside.当我抚摸你时,我内心感到幸福无比Its such a feeling that my love, I cant hide, I cant hide, I cant hide.;我亲爱的,我无法掩饰这情感,我无法掩饰,无法掩饰,无法掩饰Well, so okay, but please, please, but please.好了,但是请注意If it is sounding familiar, it is because I was at the same time in my life listening to the Beatles.也许这诗听起来有些耳熟,因为在我人生中的同一个时期,我也在听披头士的歌On the radio, they were very popular.他们的歌在电台里很流行So, all of that is to say that I like to believe that for every word intended as to render us deaf to one another所以我想说的是,我情愿相信,尽管有些词语故意使得我们对彼此充耳不闻there is always a lyric connecting ears and hearts across the continents in rhyme.但总有动人的歌词飘进耳朵直达内心,带着韵律传遍各大洲And I pray that this is the way that we will self-invent, in time.我祈祷我们将会通过这样的方式不断实现自我发现Thats all, shukran. Thank you very much for the opportunity.就是这样,非常感谢你们给我这个机会Okay? Great. Thank you all very much. It was lovely.好吧,很好。非常感谢你们大家,这真是太棒了Thank you for having me. Thank you very, very much. I love you.谢谢你们让我来到这里。谢谢你们,我爱你们Well, you have to let me say this. I just -- thank you.你们得让我说出来。我还是想说,谢谢你们I want to thank Chris and Jacqueline, and just everyone for having me here.我想感谢克里斯和贾奎琳和你们每一位,谢谢你们让我来到这里Its been a long time coming, and I feel like Im home.我花了很长时间才来到这里,我感觉像到了家一样And I know Ive performed for some of your companies or some of you have seen me elsewhere,我知道我之前为你们当中的一些公司演出过,或者你们在其他地方看过我的演出but this is honestly one of the best audiences Ive ever experienced.但今天在座的各位是有史以来我有过的最棒的观众The whole thing is amazing, and so dont you all go reinventing yourselves any time soon.这里的一切都太不可思议了,你们大家还不赶快去重新发现自我201611/479531

英语日常口语 12:After the film本单元是关于看完电影后的对话Michal: Well that rom-com was much better than I expected. It was really romantic. Thank you.Alice: Oh, it was my pleasure.Michal: Would you like to do it again? go out on another date with me?Alice: Another date? Michal, that wasn't a date we were on there.Michal: It wasn't? Oh, I thought it was.Alice: No, we're just good friends.Michal: Yes, we are good friends and I'd like us to be better friends so I'm going to ask you: would you like to go out with me?Vocabulary:(词汇)To go out on a date/To go out with someone: (和某人约会)To have a romantic time (usually an evening) with someone.To witness: (亲眼见到) To see something and be able to describe it later 本单元的语言点是关于电影词汇,下面介绍一些与电影工作人员有关的词汇,还有告诉你如何询问与电影有关的问题。Here is some vocabulary to describe people connected with making films and some questions you can use when asking about a film.People involved in making a film:(电影幕后工作人员)The producer is the manager of the film, and deals with the money and schedules. The director is the creative manager of the film; the director calls 'Action!' and 'cut!'. The cinematographer/director of photography is responsible for the look of the film - the photography. The screenwriter writes the script or screenplay. The leading actors/the main actors are often famous stars, and they have the most important roles in the script. The supporting actors are the other actors in the film, they have less important roles in the script. The extras are people in the background of the film, they usually don't speak in the film. If you want to find out more about a film, you can ask these questions: (想要了解更多有关电影的信息,你可以用以下问句) What's it called? What is the name of the film? What's it about? What is the story and who are the main characters? Where and when is it set? Where and in what historical time does the story take place? Who's in it? Who are the leading actors? Who's it by? Who is the director (or the screenwriter)? What's it like? What is your opinion of the film? Is it any good? Is the film good? /200707/15904

点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!欢迎光临广播学口语,和Andy一起在英语的世界遨游。今天我们要学习的两个句子是大家常说的两句话:He is off his chumps.和Irsquo;m worn out. 它们到底是什么意思呢?音乐之后听Andy讲给你!(音乐)俚语秀第一秀:He is off his chumps. chump这个词有点陌生。也许你知道它有傻瓜的意思吧!这个词在这里有羊肉的意思。他为什么;不想要自己的羊肉;了呢?用我们平时的话说就是;有病;,;神经不正常;。话说Andy老兄,上大学时为了追到某女生,竟突发奇想买了99枝玫瑰,并在她的楼下用蜡烛围了个心形, 并在楼下常跪不起, 后来不幸被保安抓走。哥儿几个去领他的时候,面对保安苦笑不得。; Ilsquo;m sorry ,sir. He is off his chumps. Can we take him back?Wersquo;ll watch him 24 hours a day in case he will do things like this.;(对不起您,他有点精神不正常。我们可以把他带走了吗?我们保对他实行24小时监控以防类似事件再次发生。)想当年,玩点浪漫是要被视为;异端;的。当初Andy ;冒天下之大不违;捧着玫瑰单腿跪地追女孩的时候,在校园里传为佳话, 曾经轰动一时。;Get off with him!He must be off his chumps!So funny!;(躲他远点!他一定有病!太可笑了!)唉;;(音乐)Well,那么Irsquo;m worn out. 这句话究竟是什么意思呢? wear一定认识吧?那么wear out呢,这个词组是穿破了的意思。比如说my shoes are worn out,就是我的鞋子穿破了。可是如果把主语换成我呢?;我;也可以穿破了吗?哈哈!当然不是!应该是;累坏了;的意思。终于追上女友的那天晚上,Andy和兄弟们喝酒庆祝。迷蒙中,终于可以畅所欲言了。Ilsquo;m worn out on the long race!Now it comes to an end!How happy I am!How lucky I am!(我已经被长跑累死了。终于结束了。太高兴了!我太幸运了!)不过,另一位已经结婚了的哥们儿却愁眉苦脸的看着Andy说:;Oh,Ilsquo;m so sorry to hear that!You are prisoned from now on。What a pity!Another one has come to my way!You will be worn out by the pressure from the family!;(噢,太遗憾了!你从现在开始要被囚禁了。太遗憾了!另一个人又走我的老路了。家庭的压力会把你压垮的。(音乐)不过Andy很坚强也很能干,一切都处理的非常好。你呢?I hope you can deal with it. See you! /200605/7296

听讲美国口语 /200607/8058

No, we need to be polite about differences.不一定,我们只是需要礼貌地对待另一方Politeness is a much-overlooked virtue. Its seen as hypocrisy.有时候礼貌都被我们忽视了。有时候我们觉得那是虚伪But we need to get to a stage when youre an atheist如果你是个无神论者,而有个人对你说and someone says, ;Well you know, I did pray the other day,; you politely ignore it. You move on.;你知道嘛,那天我祈祷了;。你应该礼貌地无视这话,该干嘛干嘛去Because youve agreed on 90 percent of things,因为你们两个可以认同90%的事情because you have a shared view on so many things, and you politely differ.因为你们的世界有很多相似的地方,你们只是稍微有那么一点不同,但不伤和气And I think thats what the religious wars of late have ignored.我认为近年的有无神的争论忽视了这点Theyve ignored the possibility of harmonious disagreement.他们忘记了人们即使不同也能和谐地在一起And finally, does this new thing that youre proposing thats not a religion but something else,最后,你说的无神论2.0,它本身不是个宗教does it need a leader, and are you volunteering to be the pope?但它需要一个领袖吗,而你又是否愿意当这个领袖呢Well, one thing that were all very suspicious of is individual leaders. It doesnt need it.好吧,我们都对个人领袖非常警惕。但无神论不需要领袖What Ive tried to lay out is a framework and Im hoping that people can just fill it in.我所说的只是一个框架理论,而我希望大家可以自由发挥实践Ive sketched a sort of broad framework.我只是大概地勾勒出一个结构But wherever you are, as I say, if youre in the travel industry, do that travel bit.那不管你是谁,就像如果你是搞旅游的,那就专门钻研宗教中的旅游If youre in the communal industry, look at religion and do the communal bit. So its a wiki project.如果你在社群里工作,那就专门钻研宗教里的社群方面。所以这就像维基百科一样Alain, thank you for sparking many conversations later.阿兰,谢谢你精的回答201608/462391

Now dont get me wrong, writing has certain advantages.大家不要误会,文字写作确实有它自己的优势。When you write, because its a conscious process, because you can look backwards,当你写字的时候,因为这是一个有意识的过程,因为你可以回顾过去,you can do things with language that are much less likely if youre just talking.你可以用书面语言来完成一些说话时不会表达的事情。For example, imagine a passage from Edward Gibbons ;The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:;比如,让我们看看爱德华·吉本(英国历史学家)在“罗马帝国衰亡史”一书中的一段(取自第二十四章),;The whole engagement lasted above twelve hours,“整个战争持续了至少12小时,till the graduate retreat of the Persians was changed into a disorderly flight, of which the shameful example直到波斯人纷纷仓皇溃退,其中表现最可耻的是was given by the principal leaders and the Surenas himself.;他们的指挥官们以及苏雷纳斯(最高统帅)本人。”Thats beautiful, but lets face it, nobody talks that way.写的真的很美,但是,说实话,没人这么说话。Or at least, they shouldnt if theyre interested in reproducing. That -- is not the way any human being speaks casually.或者至少,如果真感兴趣的话也不该这样重复。这--不是人们平常说话时候的样子。Casual speech is something quite different.日常对话是非常不同的。Linguists have actually shown that when were speaking casually in an unmonitored way,语言学家实际上已经指出,当我们在轻松的对话时,we tend to speak in word packets of maybe seven to 10 words.我们每句话会用大概7到10个字。Youll notice this if you ever have occasion to record yourself or a group of people talking.你会注意到这点,如果你有机会录下来自己或者一组人说话。Thats what speech is like. Speech is much looser. Its much more telegraphic.这就是语言对话的形式。语言对话更松散。也更简洁得多。Its much less reflective -- very different from writing.和书面文字表达非常不同,它少了思考性。So we naturally tend to think, because we see language written so often, that thats what language is,所以因为我们经常看到写出来的语言,我们就很自然地认为,那就是语言,but actually what language is, is speech. They are two things.但实际上语言是言语对话。这是两个不同的事物。201703/499479

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