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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477502What we found in the ACE study involving seventeen and a half thousand middle-class adults wasACE研究通过对17500名中产阶级成人的观察发现that life experiences in childhood that are lost in time童年经历会随着时间的流逝在他们的记忆中逐渐丢失and then further protected by shame and by secrecy and by social taboos against inquiry into certain realms of human experience,但那些由于羞耻 保密和社会禁忌等原因不愿意被人盘问的经历反而会被保护从而遗留在人的记忆的某个角落that those life experiences play out powerfully and proportionately a half century later以致于即便是很多年后这些人生经历对其影响深远in terms of emotional state,in terms of biomedical disease, in terms of life expectancy.它们会在自身情绪状况、生物医学疾病、或寿命方面成比例地对人生造成影响In 1985, I first became interested in developmental life experiences in early childhood really by accident.In the major obesity program we were running,a young woman came into the program.在我们着重研究的肥胖问题中 一个年轻姑娘来到我们这She was twenty-eight years old, and weighed 408 pounds,她28岁 重达408磅and asked us if we could help her with her problem.向我们求助And in fifty-one weeks, we took her from 408 to 132.在接下来的51周中 我们帮她从408磅减到132磅And we thought, well my god, we’ve got this problem licked.我们想 谢天谢地 终于解决这个问题了This is going to be a world-famous department here!这次胜利将举世闻名She maintained her weight at 132 for several weeks,她将她的体重稳定在132磅几周的时间and then in one three-week period regained 37 pounds in three weeks,which I had not previously conceived as being physiologically possible.我之前压根没想到会有这种可能性That was triggered by being sexually propositioned at work by a much older man,as she described him.这是由工作中一个比她大的多的人对其性暗示导致的(当然)她是这么描述的That was triggered by being sexually propositioned at work by a much older man,as she described him.这是由工作中一个比她大的多的人对其性暗示导致的(当然)她是这么描述的And in short order, she was back over 400 pounds faster than she had lost the weight.很快 她就就增肥到400磅 比她减重快多了I remember asking her why the extreme response.我记得问过她为什么会出现这种极端反弹情况After initially claiming not to have any understanding of why the extreme response,她起初一直说她也不知道she told me of a lengthy incest history with her grandfather from age 10 to age 21.后来 她告诉了我 祖父对她漫长的乱伦经历从10岁直到21岁Ultimately it turned out that fifty-five percent of the people in our obesity program最终得到实 在我们这项对肥胖研究中有55%的人acknowledged a history of childhood sexual abuse.都有童年时被性侵的经历I mean that obviously is not the only issue going on but it was where we began.我想说 显然问题不止一个但我们就是从那个问题起步的And as we went down that trail, then we discovered other forms of abuse随着我们的继续追查 发现在很多机能失调家庭(或其他家庭)中also growing up in massively dysfunctional households, etc.其他形式的侵害也大幅增加the ACE study was really designed to see whether these things existed at all in the general population,ACE研究目的就在于确认是否大多数人都经历过这些侵害and if so, how did they play out over time?果真如此 那它们(指侵害)又如何随着时间的推移造成影响?We studied 10 categories of adverse life experiences我们研究选择了了十类有害生活经历that were chosen because of their prevalence in the weight program因为它们都与体重研究紧密相关childhood sexual abuse, heavy-duty childhood physical abuse这些包括童年性侵 严重的童年身体伤害Im not talking spanking—我不是指打屁股um, major emotional abuse, recurrent humiliation, two categories of neglect还有严重的情感伤害 经常性的精神羞辱 以及两类忽视growing up in a home孩子童年和青春期成长过程中where one of the members of the household,家庭中有人uh, was chronically depressed, suicidal, mentally ill, or in the state hospital;长期抑郁 自杀 患精神疾病 或长期住院的家庭环境中growing up in a home without both biological parents;或者是 没能与亲生父母生活在一起growing up in a home where, um, one of the members of your household was alcoholic or a drug user;或者是 有家人嗜酒或吸毒growing up in a home where mother was beaten;或者是 妈妈被家暴growing up in a home where one of the members of your household was imprisoned during your childhood or adolescence.或有家人入狱Those were the 10 categories.以上就是这十类In a middle-class population, one in 11 people has experienced six or more of those adverse life experiences in childhood.中产阶级群体中 每11人中就有一人经历过以上六类或更多So this is very common totally unrecognized.这种情况非常普遍却完全不被注意到It was difficult for us to accept their commonness.让我们接受他们的共性很难But on the other hand, these are issues that most people never touch.但另一方面 大多数人从未接触过这些问题And so who would know without routinely asking?如果没有例行公事的询问又有谁会知道呢But at a so-called ACE score of six, experiencing any six of the ten categories that we studied,但在ACE六类测评分中 (如果一个人)经历了我们研究得出的10类中的任何六类that person was 4,600% more likely to become an IV drug user than a person那他就会有4600%更可能变成静脉注射毒品的瘾君子who had experienced none of those ten categories.相较于什么都没经历过的正常人Okay? Now, you know,好吧 现在 你知道了you think, you the newspaper, the latest cancer scare of the week,你想 你看报纸 本周最新的癌症恐慌you think, you the newspaper, the latest cancer scare of the week,你想 你看报纸 本周最新的癌症恐慌prostate cancer or breast cancer increases 30%, and everyone goes nuts.前列腺癌或乳腺癌上升了30% 每个人就都不淡定了I’m talking 4,600% increase.我说的可是4600%的上涨率The same ACE score of six produces a likelihood of attempting suicide同样的 ACE研究也暗示了这些人的潜在自杀可能性that is between 3,100% and 5,000% greater than the likelihood of suicide attempts in someone with none of those life experiences.比没有这些人生经历的人要高3100%到5000%的自杀率So the power of this relationship is enormous.所以这种联系的影响力是巨大的So ultimately the question arises: how do life experiences in childhood end up with那么 最后 问题来了 童年的阴影是如何with disease states a half century later?影响到接下来的生活的There are at least two big categories to account for that.主要有两大方面原因One is through the use of various coping devices.一种是通过各种各样的应对方法One smokes to feel better;如通过吸烟来安抚自己one overeats to feel better; one drinks to relax, etc..通过暴食 喝酒 等等And those things carried out in heavy amounts have major destructive patterns,这些行为(如果)过度都会有极恶劣的影响even though they may be immediately beneficial.即使可能短期内很有效果The other broad category has to do with另一种是必须处理the effect of chronic major unrelieved stress on the workings of one’s brain and central nervous system.慢性难除刺激对这个人的大脑或中枢神经系统产生的影响In recent years, this is relatively new,近年来 这些研究不断发展it’s become clear that chronic major unrelieved stress研究结果也逐渐清晰——慢性难除刺激can produce the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in a person’s body,会产生促炎性细胞活素and also can suppress immune system function.也会抑制免疫系统功能Of the ten categories that we studied,我们研究的十类中any six of them produces a shortening in life expectancy of almost twenty years.其中任何六类都会削减大概20年寿命The magnitude of this problem is so huge,这个问题的影响太深远了and the complexity of dealing with it after the fact is so huge,处理这影响也太复杂了that realistically, the only serious approach is going to have to involve primary prevention.唯一可行的方法就是防患于未然No one knows how to do that, but it’s the right question to focus on.没有人知道如何做 但我们仍需关注它201706/512187Thousands of leftist demonstrators marched in Brussels against both NATO and the U.S.leader.成千上万的左派示威者在布鲁塞尔举行了游行,反对北约和美国领导人特朗普。Some said they actually welcomed Trump’s earlier criticism of NATO,一些抗议者说道,实际上,他们对此前特朗普批评北约的言论表示持,but are now disappointed that he is engaging the alliance.但现在感到失望,因为特朗普目前正在参与这一联盟。Trump said good things during the campaign, he said America would not be involved in the whole world.特朗普在竞选时说得很好听。他说美国不会参与世界上其他国家的事务。I thought that was great.我认为这很棒。But now his government is pressured both by Democrats and the Republican establishment who have him by the neck但现在,他领导的政府迫于民主党人和共和党人的压力,他受到两党的控制,and he has changed his thinking and has a policy as aggressive as Obamas.进而改变了想法,并实行像奥巴马在位期间那样具有侵略性的政策。Trump arrived in Brussels at a time when Europe is extremely tense, following this weeks terrorist attack in Manchester, England.特朗普抵达布鲁塞尔,正值欧洲极度紧张之时,这是因为本周在英国曼彻斯特发生了一起恐怖袭击事件。The mood is ripe for leaders to take decisive action against terrorism.各国领导人充分认识到,必须采取果断行动打击恐怖主义。The attacks we saw in Manchester will be something which will be addressed,应当妥善解决曼彻斯特爆炸袭击事件,I think actually by all leaders in one way or another,我认为,各国领导人实际上都应当以某种方式协助解决,because the attacks were brutal and they deliberately targeted children, young people and families.因为这些袭击十分残酷,他们有意将目标对准儿童,年轻人和家庭。Trumps core message to members is that they should start spending their fair share,特朗普对北约成员国发出的的核心讯息是,他们应该开始加大国防投入,合理分担责任,or 2 percent of their gross national income on defense. We are making progress.使国防开达到本国国内生产总值的百分之二。 我们正在取得进步。After many years of decline, total defense spending by European allies and Canada rose by billions of dollars last year.多年来,军费开一直呈下降趋势,去年,欧洲盟国和加拿大的国防总出增加了数十亿美元。But spending more on defense is politically a hard sell for Western European countries with their hefty social welfare programs.但是,从政治角度来说,要求西方国家增加国防投入是一种强加于人的做法,因为在这些国家,社会福利计划开庞大。At a protest camp in Brussels, anti-NATO activists worry.在布鲁塞尔的抗议营地,反北约活动家们表示担忧。It means an enormous amount of money dedicated to war这意味着大量的资金将用于战争,and an enormous amount of money thats not dedicated to things like education, health care and those sorts of things.而不是专门用于教育、医疗保健等这些领域。The summit gets under way as new French President Emmanuel Macron seeks to extend a state of emergency in France.正当北约峰会召开之时,新当选的法国总统埃马纽埃尔·马克龙计划延长全国紧急状态。The recent spate of terrorist attacks in France and Britain mean NATO leaders will be more inclined to talk about war than peace.近日,法国和英国发生了多起恐怖袭击事件,这意味着北约领导人更倾向于谈论战争而非和平。This is not these demonstratorsday.这不是示威者的节日。Luis Ramirez, VOA News, Brussels.VOA新闻,路易斯·拉米雷斯于布鲁塞尔为您播报。 201707/516572

Afghanistans first female pilot is seeking asylum in the U.S. after receiving death threats from the Taliban and members of her own family.在接到塔利班和家人成员的死亡威胁后,阿富汗首位女飞行员向美国寻求庇护。Capt. Niloofar Rahmani came to the U.S. in 2015 to train with the U.S. Air Force. That training ended earlier this week, but Rahmani says shes too afraid for her life to go back.拉赫马尼上尉于2015年来美国参加空军训练。训练本周早些时候结束,但赫马尼说,她很担心自己的生活不敢回去。Rahmani was 10 years old when the U.S. removed the Taliban from power in 2001. At 18, she enlisted in Afghanistans air force and became a bit of a celebrity when she earned her wings in 2013.美国2001年推翻塔利班政权时拉赫马尼10岁。18岁时她在阿富汗空军役,2013年在飞行中就小有名气。Thats when the threats began. In an interview, Rahmani said members of the Taliban had threatened to kill her and members of her family. She also said distant relatives had threatened the same.这就是威胁开始。在一次采访中,拉赫马尼说,塔利班成员曾威胁要杀了她和她的家人。她还说远亲同样发出威胁。Rahmani says that if shes granted asylum shell continue flying, either for the U.S. or as a commercial pilot.拉赫马尼表示,如果她获得庇护将会继续飞行,无论是为美国政府,还是作为一名商业飞行员。译文属。201612/486367

North Korea is showing off its military power in a less explosive way.朝鲜正以不太爆炸的方式炫耀其军事力量。The country unveiled a series of missiles Friday in a military parade. Experts believe they were land and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.周五,朝鲜在阅兵式上公布了一系列导弹。专家认为它们是陆上和潜艇发射的弹道导弹。The annual parade celebrates the birth of North Koreas founder, Kim Il-sung.这是一年一度游行庆祝朝鲜创始人金日成的诞生。But this year the holiday came as tensions run high between North Korea and another world power.但今年假期到来时,朝鲜和另一些世界大国间关系相当紧张。The U.S. sent military forces to waters near the Korean Peninsula to deter another nuclear test. The North had been teasing a ;big event; all week.美国向朝鲜半岛附近海域派遣军事力量阻止另一次核试验。朝鲜整个星期都在玩弄一个“大事件”。After that, North Korea threatened to hit the U.S. in a ;merciless retaliatory strike.;在那之后,朝鲜威胁要“无情报复性打击”美国。U.S. officials admit the situation is tricky. Moving forces near the peninsula, even as a preemptive measure, could increase the risk of a large-scale conflict.美国官员承认情况很棘手。向半岛附近调遣部队,即使是先发制人的措施,也可能增加大规模冲突的风险。But South Koreas top diplomat said the U.S. would consult with Seoul before any serious decisions are made.但韩国最高外交官表示,在作出任何严肃决定之前,美国将与韩国协商。译文属。201704/504023Heavy rains in France have caused flooding across the country, and at least one person has died. 法国暴雨导致全国洪水泛滥,至少一人死亡。The countrys national police force posted pictures of evacuations, using boats to help assist people in the flooded streets. 国家警察部队张贴疏散的照片,在洪水淹没街道使用船只救助人员。Its reportedly the worst flooding the country has seen in a century, and that flood in 1910 is commonly referred to as the ;Great Flood of Paris,; which lasted about 45 days. 据报道,这是一个世纪以来最严重的洪水,1910年的洪水通常被称为“巴黎大洪水”,历时45天左右。This most recent flooding includes the Seine River in Paris. The rivers banks overflowed, rising almost 15 feet above its normal height, and officials say the Seine could reach levels as high as 17 feet over the weekend.最近巴黎的塞纳河出现洪水泛滥。洪水从河岸溢出,比正常高度上升近15英尺,官员表示周末塞纳河能达到17英尺。Although, 17 feet is still low compared to the 28 feet the river gained in the 1910 flood. 尽管相比于1910年的28英尺,17英尺仍然较低。The weather conditions are bad news for sports tournaments. French Open officials have been forced to delay many of the tennis matches and have received backlash over the poor conditions in the ones that werent rescheduled. 对于体育赛事,天气状况是个坏消息。法国网球公开赛官员推迟了许多网球比赛,有些赛事因不能改期遭到强烈反对。And the Union of European Football Associations European championship tournament kicks off in Paris on June 10. 欧洲足球协会在巴黎的欧洲锦标赛于6月10日开赛。Rain and floods have hit other parts of Europe, too, including Germany where at least four people have died. 暴雨和洪水也影响到欧洲其它地区,包括至少已造成4人死亡的德国。译文属。201606/447689

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/467985Of course, they could tell themselves, and they did,当然他们也时常这样安慰自己that their houses and parks were not just monuments to wealthy self-indulgence.他们的府邸庄园 并非只是纵情享乐的天堂They were also a testimony to the greatness and glory of the nation.更能展现国家富有强大 昌盛繁荣Stephen Switzer,one of the leading landscape architects of the day,certainly saw this as his duty.斯蒂芬·斯威扎尔 当时顶尖景观建筑大师之一 显然将建造豪宅看作自己的使命Magnificent gardens, statues and waterworks complete the grandeur of the British nation.宏伟的花园 雕像以及湖景 让英国大地更显壮美It is then that we may hope to excel the gardens of the French我们希望借此超越法式花园make that great nation give way to the superior beauties of our gardens叫法式园林为我国的美丽花园让路as her late prince has to the invincible force of British arms.正如法国权贵必须面对不列颠强大实力This was the kind of battle the rich and powerful in Hanoverian Britain really liked to fight,war by gardening.这种花园王冠之争 正是汉诺威王朝显要权贵 最喜闻乐见的Stourhead in Wiltshire is one of the great 18th-century landscape gardens.威尔特郡的斯托海德风景园 是十八世纪恬景观庄园的代表Taking inspiration from villas ancient Roman,此类庄园的设计灵感取自古罗马别墅aristocrats like Sir Henry Hall,who built Stourhead,像亨利·霍尔爵士这样 建造了斯托海德风景园的贵族设计师even thought of their parks as a kind of public education甚至希望庄园能教育大众and encouraged locals to pay a visit,provided of course,并鼓励当地人进入参观 当然只能允许they stuck rigidly to the designated tour route.严格按照既定路线参观 /201705/510170Youve probably seen a dog tilt its head in response to a weird noise or something you said. Its super cute, but why do they do it?你一定见过对奇怪的噪音或你的话做出歪头的反应吧。超级可爱的说,但是它们为什么要歪头呢?The answers not entirely clear, and there hasnt been any peer-reviewed research about it.我们还不是很清楚其中奥秘,也不曾有对其做过研究。But a couple of scientists hypothesize that head-tilting might help dogs see and hear us better.不过,有几位科学家假设,歪头可能会帮助们更好的观察、倾听我们。One popular idea comes from a 2013 blog post by a psychologist named Stanley Coren,2013年,一位名叫Stanley Coren的心理学家在客上发表了一篇大家普遍认可的观点,who studies dogs and their behaviors, among other things.这位心理学家主要研究及它们的行为等。He thinks that puzzled tilt means a dog is trying to see you better.他认为让人摸不着头脑的歪头,代表着想更好的看清你。When you speak to someone, dog or otherwise, you express a lot of emotion with the lower half of your face.当你和某人或等说话时,你的大部分表情会通过脸的下半部分来表达。And according to a small 2015 study, it seems like our canine companions can tell the difference between facial expressions that show emotion, like happiness or anger.根据2015年的一项小研究,似乎我们的犬类同伴能够分辨表达情绪的面部表情,如开心或生气。But a dog with a bigger muzzle might not be able to see your smile or frown clearly,但是鼻口部较大的可能看不清你的微笑或皱眉,so Coren suggests that tilting helps them get a better view.所以,Coren认为歪头能够帮助它们仔细观察。He tested this idea by surveying 582 dog owners online, asking them to describe their dogs breed or head shape,通过对582名主人做在线调查,Coren对这个观点进行了检测。Coren要求主人描述他们的种类或头型,and then rate how frequently their dogs do the head-tilting thing.并估计们歪头的频率。The data were split into two groups. One was brachycephalic dogs with flatter faces like pugs;数据被分为两组。一组是扁平脸的短头,如八哥犬;and the other was a mix of mesaticephalic dogs with medium muzzles like beagles and dolichocephalic dogs with long noses like greyhounds.另一组是中等鼻口的中型头,如猎犬和长鼻子长头,如灰的混合组。In Corens survey, 71% of owners of bigger-muzzled dogs reported that their pups ;frequently;, ;most of the time; or ;always; tilt their heads when spoken to,在Coren的调查中,71%的大鼻口的主人称,在和他们的说话时,它们“经常”、“大部分时间”、“总是”歪头,as opposed to only 52% of owners of smaller-muzzled dogs.而仅有52%的小鼻口主人反映过这种情况。That, he says, is a statistically significant difference, but 52% is still a lot of dogs, so this probably isnt the whole story.Coren表示,从数据上来看,差别非常明显,但是52%仍是相当大的比例。因此,该观点并不能代表整个事情的原委。A psychologist who runs a dog cognition lab named Alexandra Horowitz thinks that dogs could be trying to hear us better with those sideways looks.一位经营一家认知实验室的心理学家,Alexandra Horowitz认为侧眼看能使它们更好地倾听我们。Specifically, she thinks theyre tilting their heads to adjust the floppy parts of their ears, called pinnae, to get a better sense of where sounds are coming from.她认为们歪头是为了调整耳部的耷拉部分--耳廓,以便更好地分辨声音的来源。A third take from a dog trainer named Steven Lindsay, is that dogs tilt their heads because one part of their brain is involved in both listening and body language.第三种观点来自一位训师,Steven Lindsay。她认为歪头是因为它们大脑的一部分负责了听力和肢体语言两个区。We think a region called the nucleus ambiguus controls a dogs head movements, as well as the muscles in a dogs middle ear that help it perceive subtly different sounds.我们认为疑核区域控制着的头部动作以及中耳的肌肉,能帮助它们精确地察觉不同的声音。So Lindsay suggests that when your pup is listening, it cant help but show you with its body, too.因此,Lindsay认为,当你的在倾听时,它们会情不自禁的向你展示它们的肢体语言。We dont really know how accurate any of these guesses are, but we do know that dogs tilting their heads is real cute.我们并不清楚这些猜测是否准确,但是我们都认同歪头的动作太可爱啦。So to any animal psychologists out there: round up some puppies, do some research, and post more of these adorable s online... for science!所以建议我们的心理学家:养一些,做一些研究,然后上传更多可爱的视频...当然,为了科学嘛!Thanks for asking, and thanks especially to all of our patrons on Patreon who keep these answers coming.谢谢大家的提问,特别感谢Patreon上一直提问的观众。If youd like to submit questions to be answered, or get some s a few days early, go to patreon.com/scishow.欢迎登陆patreon.com/scishow向我们提问并观看我们的视频。And dont forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!另外,不要忘记去youtube.com/scishow订阅我们的栏目哟!201707/515889

J.P. Morgan was a huge power on the stock market when it was not at all regulated.J·P·根在股市上具有巨大影响力 当时股市没有什么政府监管In the case of George Westinghouse, his company on a number of occasions, was assaulted on the stock market by Morgan entities.而乔治·威斯汀豪斯的公司则多次受到根旗下公司在股市上的攻击Morgan capitalizes on a downturn in the economy....launching a smear campaign designed to trigger a sell-off of Westinghouse stock.根利用经济低迷的机会 发起了一波抹黑攻势 试图引发威斯汀豪斯股票的抛售Mr. Morgan!Mr. Morgan!What is to be done about the panic?根先生 根先生 关于恐慌应该怎么办Theres no need to panic.没必要恐慌Mr. Morgan, are we on the verge of a depression?根先生 我们正处在经济萧条的边缘Not if we act wisely.明智地行动就不会Now how many more companies will go bust, Mr. Morgan?还有多少公司会破产 根先生The only companies at risk are those fast expanding capital intensive,debt-ridden ventures.危险的只有那些扩张过快 资本密集 债务缠身的投机者Thank you, gentlemen.谢谢 先生们Mr. Morgan! Mr. Morgan!根先生 根先生Morgans remarks are subtle.根没有指明But his influence on Wall Street is so great,their effect is devastating.但他对华尔街有着巨大的影响 这些话的影响是毁灭性的Over the next few weeks,investors sell off Westinghouses stock,sending the company into a tailspin.接下来的几周内 投资者开始抛售威斯汀豪斯的股票 让这家公司处于慌乱之中Within days, its almost bankrupt.没过几天 它就近乎破产You get successful at something and all of a sudden you make a lot of money and the world says youre successful.你可能会很成功 突然间赚了很多钱 世人都说你很成功Theres no margin for failure anymore.问题不是失败Theres only degrees of success.而是成功的程度大小With Westinghouse driven into debt,Morgan is convinced theres no longer any competition to win the contract for Niagara.威斯汀豪斯陷入危机之后 根相信 没了竞争 赢得尼亚加拉的合同也就不会有任何问题 201606/447164The fact that theres not a bird in here,suspicious.事实上我怀疑这里并没有鸟Vultures, you know, wouldnt leave their eggs like that.秃鹰是不会这样丢下自己的蛋的If they had,this is gonna be sitting around.Thats why its rotted.如果他们把蛋真的留下了 那么秃鹰也会守在边上的 正因此 蛋腐烂了Normally, any bird egg is edible,unless it stinks like that.按常理 鸟蛋都是可以食用的 除非臭成这样That actually makes me gag, that.这味儿可真叫我窒息And I dont often say that.Got to get back in.我很少这样 话说回来It was worth a try.值得一试You just never know when you might get lucky.谁知到好运不会降临呢Lets reth it one more time.让我们再把它穿过去And then thats gonna take me to the bottom.然后就要到底了Okay. Pull this other one through.好的 把这边拉过来At least were down to the valley floor.至少我们是到了谷底Surviving in the wild is all about never giving up.Okay. Lets go.荒野求生的关键就是永不放弃 好的 走吧And resourcefulness and courage are crucial if you want to make it out alive.足智多谋与勇气同样不可或缺 如果你真想成为幸存者的话201704/505116原味人文风情:Hi, Mommy! This was our first date together, but...you didnt know I was there yet! I really wanted to surprise you. Surprise!!! I was so small, but your big, big heart made me grow and grow and grow! Is that bacon? Mmm...Im so hungry, Mom! Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon! I want to eat all the bacon in the world! Oops...morning sicky. Sorry, Mom. I hope you feel better. Its okay. You are still the prettiest!嗨,妈咪!这是我们第一次约会,不过...你还不知道我在那!我真的很想给你个惊喜。惊喜!!!我是那么小,不过你大大的心脏让我长大、长大再长大!那是培根吗?嗯...妈妈我好饿喔!培根、培根、培根、培根!我要吃掉全世界的培根!喔喔...晨吐。对不起,妈妈。我希望你觉得好点了。没关系。你还是最漂亮的!Oh, Mommy! Look at me grow! Look at this, Mom—close, open. Cool... Growing with you is so much fun, Mom. I love our stretchy date, and our yum-yum date! Happy rain! But I think I just want a nappy date for now. I hope the rest of me grows soon so I can hug you, and I can kiss you. For now, Ill just have to dream about it. I love you, Mom. I love you from our very first date together, and I just love you more and more and more.噢,妈咪!看我长大了!看看这个,妈妈--握住、打开。酷... 和你一起长大好好玩,妈妈。我爱我们的伸展约会,还有我们的好好吃约会!快乐雨!但我想我现在只想来个睡觉觉约会。我希望我剩下的部分可以快快长大,好让我可以抱你,还有亲你。现在,我就只能作梦梦到啰。我爱你,妈妈。我从我们的第一次约会开始就好爱你,而且我越来越爱你了。Hi, Mommy! Its our four, eight, umm...manyeth date together! And today, were on a doctors date! Can you see me, Mom? Whats that?!嗨,妈咪!这是我们的四、八,嗯...在一起的第好多好多次约会!今天,我们要来场医生叔叔约会!你看得到我吗,妈妈?那是什么?!Its a girl!是个女孩!Im a girl! I love growing, Mommy! Oh no...Im sorry your pants dont fit anymore—your shoes too. Dont worry! One day, Im going to give you the biggest hug! For now, I hope you can feel this. Mmm! I want you to know I love growing with you. Youve given me a happy pool, and the prettiest eyes too! I love being your little girl, Mommy. I promise, no matter how big I get, I will always be your baby.我是女生!我喜欢长大,妈咪!噢不...我很抱歉你的裤子不再合身--鞋子也是。别担心!有一天,我会给你一个最大的抱抱!现在,我希望你可以感受这个。嗯!我想要你知道我很爱和你一起长大。你给了我一个开心水池,还有最漂亮的眼睛!我爱当你的小女孩,妈咪。我保,不管我长多大,我永远都会是你的宝宝。Hi, Mommy! Its our bajillion, zillion date together! And today, were on a picnic date. Whee!!! Ooh...look at these things Ive grown. Look at what I can do! Oops! Sorry, Mom. Ugh! Its getting really tight in here! Ive had the best time with you, Mommy, but I think Im y to come out. I might not remember all our dates together, but I want you to know, you did a really good job.嗨,妈咪!这是我们在一起的第好几次、第不知道几次的约会!今天,我们在野餐约会。嘻嘻!!!哇...看看我长出来的这些东东。看看我能做什么!喔喔!对不起,妈妈。呃!这里面变得好挤好挤!我和你度过了最棒的时光,妈咪,但我想我准备好要出来了。我可能不会记得我们在一起的所有约会,但我想要你知道,你做得很好。Thanks for sharing your ice cream, and ing to me, and letting me listen to your lalalas. For giving up the bad things you like, and giving me the good things I need. Thank you for my eyes, my ears, and my nose. Thank you for my hands, my feet, and toes. Thank you for my heart. And most of all, Mom, thank you for your love. I love you, Mommy, and I cant wait to meet you.谢谢你分享你的冰淇淋,还有念故事给我听,还有让我听你的啦啦啦音乐。谢谢你放弃自己喜欢的那些不健康的东西,然后给我我需要的好东西。谢谢你生给我眼睛、我的耳朵,还有我的鼻子。谢谢你给了我我的手手、我的脚脚,还有脚趾头。谢谢你给了我我的心脏。还有最重要的,妈妈,谢谢你给我你的爱。我爱你,妈咪,我等不及要见到你了。201612/481352

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