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湘潭注射爱贝芙逸美双美胶原蛋白整形培训学校费用富锦市哪个机构学校教皮肤管理课程好恩施土家族苗族自治州打隆鼻面部提升手掌手部培训学校 Skip the flannel pajamas and over-sized t-shirts – experts say sleeping au naturel is better for your health.脱掉法兰绒睡衣和超大码的T恤吧——专家称裸睡更有益于身体健康。Researchers found that sleeping naked is not only comfortable, but it regulates your skin temperature, preventing you from waking in the middle of the night. Forgoing clothes at bedtime also keeps bacteria that thrive in warm moist areas at bay, and it boosts your immune system.研究人员发现,裸睡不仅舒,而且还能调节皮肤温度,防止你在半夜中醒来。此外,裸睡还能抵抗温暖潮湿之地的细菌的逼近,提高你的免疫力。Only 12 percent of Americans sleep naked, according to a poll from the National Sleep Foundation, but it is highly recommended by both researchers and doctors.根据国家睡眠基金会的一项民意测验显示,只有12%的美国人选择裸睡,但是研究人员和医生们还是力推裸睡。The human body is designed to decrease in temperature during sleep, and not only does sleeping in the nude keep you comfortable through the night, but it determines when your body is y to fall asleep and when it is time to wake up.人体在睡眠过程中体温会降低,裸睡不仅有助于你晚上睡得香,还能决定你何时入睡何时醒来。One study found that even the slightest cooling of the skin helps individuals fall into a much deeper sleep, according to Seeker. Cooling the body is especially beneficial to the elderly, and this research confirms previous studies that found warmer skin, in both humans and animals, disrupts sleep.《求索》的一项研究表明,即使皮肤体温只下降一丁点儿,也有助于人们获得更高质量的睡眠。身体降温使老年人受益匪浅,这一调查实了之前的研究:无论是人类还是动物,体温越高,就越影响睡眠。Staying cool through the night has also been found to increase your metabolism. While sleeping in colder temperatures #39;brown fat#39;, a healthy fat found in the neck, is activated. This good fat will help you burn calories while it generates body heat.研究发现,晚上保持身体凉爽还能增强身体的新陈代谢能力。在较为凉爽的温度下睡觉可激活“褐色脂肪”——颈部的一种健康脂肪。这种有益的脂肪在让身体产生热量的同时,还有助于燃烧卡路里Cooling down at night also increases growth hormones and decreases cortisol, which creates better sleeping patterns and helps reduce your belly size, reports Men#39;s Health.《男性健康》报道称,晚上给身体降温还会增加生长激素并减少皮质醇,这能够带来更高质量的睡眠模式,并有助于减少腹部赘肉。On the nights you have a good slumber, your body was able to fully recuperate with lower cortisol levels, so you will have energy when you wake up the next day. If your sleep is interrupted, your body automatically produces extra cortisol, which will increase your appetite the next day.晚上睡眠质量高,你的身体就能够完全恢复,皮质醇水平也会更低,那么当你第二天醒来的时候你便会感觉精气十足。如果睡眠受到干扰,你的身体便会自动产生额外的皮质醇,这会增加你在第二天的睡意。Many specialists recommend sleeping naked as a way for your skin to breathe, which is especially important for women. Skipping clothes isn#39;t just recommended for females, but it is important for a man in order to maximize their sperm production. It#39;s been found that the quality of sperm suffers if your testicles become too warm.很多专家建议把裸睡作为皮肤呼吸的一种方式,这对女性而言尤为重要。他们不仅推荐女子裸睡,对男性而言,裸睡对于精子生成的最大化也很重要。研究表明,睾丸的温度若太高,精子的质量会受损。Although sleeping naked has proven to be beneficial to your health, it is just as good for your relationship. Experts say that skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin in your brain, also known as the #39;love hormone#39;, which brings couples together emotionally and increases trust within the relationship.裸睡不仅有益于身体健康,还对夫妻关系有好处。专家表示,肌肤接触能够释放脑内的催产素,也就是“爱情荷尔蒙”,这有利于从情感方面把夫妻双方聚在一起,并增加彼此关系的信任。 /201608/462557嘉兴学习打爱贝芙逸美双美胶原蛋白微整形培训学校

辽宁注射微整形培训班学校武陟县皮肤管理皮肤美容微整形美容培训学校 1. Trying to keep your wardrobe organised is like a full-time job 需要专门腾出一大块时间整理衣柜 2. You have to do a charity shop clear-out every other month 每隔一个月都要出清一些不穿的衣给慈善商店 3. You often find things you swear you must have been drunk to buy 经常发现一些不知什么时候“失手”买来的衣 4. Under your bed is full of shoe boxes that you haven#39;t opened in forever 床底下有不少根本从没打开过的鞋盒子 5. You have to rotate your summer and winter wardrobes to make more room 需要互相倒腾放夏装和冬装的地方,以便腾出些空间 6. You spend your days googling walk-in wardrobes 在网上到处搜超大的衣柜 7. When people tell you they#39;ve never seen you wear the same thing twice 有人跟你说,他们从没见你穿过重样的衣 8. You run out of hangers 衣架不够用了 9. Nothing gets you going quite like a good storage solution 总也找不出存放衣的最佳解决方案 10. You have clothes in your wardrobe, the spare room, the loft AND various suitcases 衣柜、空房间、阁楼、各种行李箱……到处都放着你的衣 11. Finding that specific skirt you need takes hours, sometimes days 想找到要穿的那件短裙需要好几个小时,甚至好几天 12. There#39;s nothing quite like the rush of discovering something you forgot you owned 突然发现你竟然还有这样一件衣,简直让你喜出望外 13. Coats have no place in your wardrobe - they take up WAY too much room 衣柜没地方放外套了——因为外套太占地方 14. You could quite happily give away half of your sunglasses collection and still have a pair for every weekend of the year 即使你乐于把一半的太阳镜都送人,还是会发现每个周末都可以戴不重样的 15. You never have anything to wear - mostly because of all the clothes disguising actual outfits 你总是不知道穿什么好——主要是因为衣太多,不知道怎么搭配才最好 16. No one ever wants to buy you clothes for your birthday. ;You have enough; 你生日没人送你衣,大家都说“你衣够多了” 17. Bags to you are like pants - you wear a new one every day 包包对你来说就像裤子一样——每天换一个 18. Every time you#39;re invited to an event, you buy something new 每次获邀出席某个场合,你都要置办几件新行头 19. Your friends are better at remembering what you own than you are 朋友们更容易记住你穿过的衣,早忘了你是个什么样的人 20. You have a bra to match every kind of outfit 每套行头你都有专门的胸罩来搭配 21. Strangers on Instagram think you#39;re rich - they don#39;t see the Cup A Soup dinners 社交网站上的人还以为你富得流油,殊不知你晚餐只喝一杯速食汤 22. Your dry-clean pile never gets done - when you have so many other clothes to wear, what#39;s the point? 你的脏衣永远堆在那儿——还有那么多其他选择,何必去洗脏的? 23. Your clothes are always creased from cramming too many in your wardrobe 衣柜里衣太多,弄的都起皱了 24. You definitely own more hangers than you know people 你衣架的数量比你认识的人的数量还多 25. Sometimes you get home and realise the top you just bought is identical to one you aly own 有时你到家才发现,刚买的那件上衣跟之前买过的一件一模一样 26. At weekends you play with your clothes as if they were your toys 周末你净跟自己的衣打交道了,仿佛它们是你的玩具 27. Your laundry basket acts as extra storage 脏衣篓其实是一个你储存衣的地方 28. So does the washing machine 洗衣机也是 29. So does the clothes horse 晾衣架也是 30. If you sold all of your clothes you could probably buy a mansion. 要是你卖掉所有衣,你应该可以买栋房了。 /201604/439420永清县注射微整形皮肤管理培训学校

石家庄注射眼周鼻背猫爪纹肉毒素除皱培训班学校 徐州注射川字鱼尾眉间口周纹除皱微整形培训学校昌乐县祛痘青春痘痘印痘疤痘坑培训学校



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