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President Barack Obama landed in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, but his welcome crew at the airport probably wasnt what he expected.周三,奥巴马总统抵达沙特阿拉伯,但机场的接待人员可能不是他期望的。Saudi Arabias King Salman didnt greet the president at the airport, nor did any senior members of the royal family. Instead, he was greeted by the local governor. 沙特阿拉伯国王萨尔曼没有在机场接见奥巴马,也没有任何皇家高级官员。相反,当地州长接见了他。These two leaders have been drifting apart, have dissimilar doctrines and strategically view things in a much different light. And that is straining everything. And I think what we saw at the airport today is symbolic of that.两国领导人一直疏远,有着不同的教义,战略上看待事情有着完全不同的眼光。这使得一切变得紧张,我想今天机场看到的就是一种象征。Obama did meet with King Salman to kick off his visit to Saudi Arabia. The two leaders discussed a variety of topics, including the fight against ISIS, social challenges in the region and Irans recent actions. 奥巴马会见了国王萨尔曼,开始他的沙特阿拉伯之行。两国领导人讨论各种话题,包括打击ISIS,地区社会挑战以及伊朗最近的行动。This is Obamas fourth trip to the country. He hosted King Salman at the White House in September of last year. 这是奥巴马第四次访问沙特。去年九月他在白宫款待了国王萨尔曼。译文属。201604/438506

When you look at a surfer sitting on his board waiting to catch a wave,你看着一个冲浪者站在板上等待着捕捉海浪something strange happens.奇怪的现象发生了Although the wave moves forward, the surfer doesnt go with it.虽然海浪向后移动冲浪者却没有跟着向后The wave just passes through海浪只是涌过来Lifting the water and the surfer up and down in the process.拱起水面,冲浪者跟着上上下下In effect, the oceans just transferring the energy of the waves实际上海洋只是在传递海浪的能量to the water in front of it.传递给前面的海浪And this movement of energy is so efficient这种能量运动非常高效it would carry on pretty much forever if the land didnt get in the way.如果没有陆地挡住去路它可能永远进行下去When the wave arrives at the shore, the water becomes shallow.海浪到达海岸时,水变的很浅so the base of the wave slows down.所以浪底慢下来But the top runs on ahead until the inevitable happens.但是浪尖仍然向前直到发生不可避免的现象The peak topples over, creating the breaking wave.浪尖翻转,形成了碎浪This is the moment when the energy captured from the wind in the distant mid-ocean is finally unleashed.就在这一刻 海洋遥远中部从风中捕捉到的能量 才终于得以释放201511/407921

Its not just like a neutral thing like having blood pressure taken.这不像是一般的检查 比如测血压This could actually be a very important result这实际上是个非常重要的结果that could link with the known family history that I have for alcoholism.关系到我的酗酒家族史People vary quite a bit in how they react to alcohol人们对酒精的反应差别很大both subjectively and in terms of their brain activation.无论是主观上还是从大脑活动上来说Let me first show you two extremes.让我带您看看两个极端So heres the brain of a person这是对酒精表现出who reacted with a very high sense of intoxication.愉悦兴奋的大脑扫描图This is basically the critical part of the brain reward circuitry这是大脑奖励环路的关键部分of both sides and you can see how powerfully it lights up.你可以看到它有多亮Thats a clear area of activation.这块区域明显被激活Absolutely.正是如此So this is one extreme and this person incidentally所以这是个极端 顺便说一下was family history positive.这个人的酗酒家族史是阳性There were people in his immediate family他的直系亲属who had had alcohol use disorders.肯定有人滥用酒精Lets look at the person on the other extreme.让我们看看另一个极端例子Thats easy. Theres nothing. Nothing.很明显 这里什么都没有 没反应This guy incidentally did not have a family history of alcoholism而且 这个人的家族史里没有酗酒and did not report any subjective sense of intoxication.也没有对酒精的任何正面感觉重点解释:1.link with 与 ... 相联系例句:Click here, if you want to link with us.如果您想要与本站链接,请点击。2.quite a bit 相当多,很多,不止一点点例句:Ive been abroad three times this year. I get about quite a bit.今年我已经出国三次了,我走的地方相当多。3.react with 与 ... 起化学反应例句:An acid can react with a base to form a salt.酸可以和碱起反应而生成盐 201508/391985


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