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郴州哪里治疗泌尿感染好郴州市第一人民医院南院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 Were used now to face-piercings and studs, but this man must have been wearing plugs.我们如今对在脸上穿孔与饰钉已习以为常,但他的孔更大,想必是戴着塞子。We know that piercings and plugs are common throughout the history of Central America.穿孔与戴塞在中美洲的历史上都极为常见。Alterations like these, in the name of Olmec beauty, would have transformed the face-and today its only in masks like this that we can have any idea of what the Olmecs would have looked like, for the skeletons have completely dissolved in the acid soil of the rainforest.这种奥尔梅克式的美会改变面部外形。只有这样的面具才能让们了解奥尔梅克人曾经的长相,因为他们的尸骸都已被雨林的酸性土壤消解干净。But the Olmec sense of personal beautification could go far beyond cosmetics or jewellery.但奥尔梅克人的审美还超越了化妆品与珠宝,进入了神话与信仰的领域。Heres Karl Taube again:卡尔陶布形容:;They would modify their heads-its often called cranial deformation, but I think thats a loaded word.他们会改变自己的头部形状,人们通常称之为颅骨变形。但我觉得这种说法有点言过其实。For them it was a mark of beauty.对他们而言这是一种美的标记。For newborns, they would bind their heads, and so they would become elongated-some people call it avocado head.他把新生儿的头绑起来,使其变得修长,有人称之为鳄梨头。But really what theyre evoking is their head as an ear of corn.但他实际上希望自己的头像一个玉米。And so the Olmec really were truly the people of maize.;奥尔梅克人是和玉米密不可分的民族。Sadly there are only a few Olmec inscriptions-or glyphs-now surviving, and decipherment of their writing is tentative at best.遗憾的是,留存下来的奥尔梅克文字数量不多,而我们的解读如今还只停留在初级阶段。There just isnt enough continuous writing to let us be certain of what the symbols mean.没有足够多的连续文字,便无法确定这些符号的意义,因此只能去推测他们对神灵或自然循环的看法。But there are lots of objects bearing symbols, marks and glyphs, such as pottery and sculptures, and they show us that writing was originally widesp across the Olmec heartland.但很多物品,如陶罐、雕像上都有符号、标记或象形文字,表明文字在奥尔梅克中心地区已被广泛使用。201409/332045郴州包皮环切大概多少钱

郴州泌尿外科 The trick to helping your better, albeit unemployed, half? Motivate them without nagging.更好地帮助你失业伴侣的方法?不要唠叨,用心激励他们。You Will Need你需要Networking skills社交技能Professional associations职业联合会A job seekers group求职团体Temp work临时工作Patience耐心Steps步骤Step 1 Decide if you need to get tough1.是否需要严厉Decide if you need to get tough. It’s normal for you to feel resentment, especially if they have been out of work for a while. The trick is to determine if you’re angry at the situation, or if you are justifiably annoyed because they are not doing enough to find a job. If it’s the latter, let them know it’s time to step up their game.决定是否需要严厉。你感到怨恨是很正常的,尤其是如果对方已经失业一段时间。应对这种情绪的方法就是确定一下自己是对这种状况感到愤怒,还是因为对方没有尽全力找工作而愤怒。如果是后者,应该让他们知道是时候努力了。Step 2 Identify the problem2.辨别问题If your spouse is not getting many interviews, take a look at their resume. You may be able to beef it up by identifying strengths and skills they don’t know they have. If they are getting plenty of interviews but no job offers, stage some mock interviews with them to see if you can pinpoint what they’re doing wrong in the hot seat.如果你的配偶面试机会不多,看一下他们的简历。指出他们自己没有意识到的长处和技能,或许可以让简历更出色。如果他们进行了足够多的面试但是没有聘用通知,配合他们进行模拟面试,看一下能否指出他们面试时的问题。Step 3 Help them network3.帮助他们联系他人Encourage them to call anybody and everybody they can think of who might have a job lead, and you do the same with your network of friends, family, and business associates.鼓励他们联系能够想到的可以帮助找工作的任何人,你也联系自己的朋友,家人和企业联合会。Social-networking sites are a great way to reconnect with old friends and classmates.社交网站是重新联系老朋友和同学的好方法。Step 4 Encourage them to join groups4.鼓励他们加入团体Urge them to join professional associations and to find a job seekers group through your house of worship or community center. Besides widening their list of contacts, it will help combat the isolation that many unemployed workers feel.鼓励他们通过礼拜会或社区中心加入职业联合会,寻找求职团体。这样不仅可以扩大交际圈,还可以打消许多失业者都会感到的孤独感。Step 5 Consider temp work5.考虑临时工作Suggest they take on some temp work. It’s a good way to stay busy, earn some money, make new contacts, and perhaps even land a full-time gig. Plus, it will take some pressure off your relationship if they’re once again contributing to the family coffers.建议他们做一些临时工作。这是保持忙碌,赚钱,建立新的关系的好方法,或许甚至可以帮助你找到一份全职工作。此外,这样可以让他们重新对家庭做出贡献,为你们的关系减轻一些压力。Step 6 Be patient6.耐心Be patient. It takes about six months to find a new job, so try not to get discouraged if the search at times seems fruitless.耐心一点。找到一份新工作一般需要六个月的时间。所以,如果求职过程看上去遥遥无期,不要沮丧。The average American has 10 jobs in their lifetime.一般美国人一生中从事10份工作。201411/343536宜章县人民中妇幼保健医院泌尿外科湖南省郴州市医院男科



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